Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success that we can give you right now. An entrepreneur can follow the example of large corporations, create his own recipe or imitate the success of competitors, taking inspiration and ideas from them. However, there are a few basic and common traits that cannot be missing from the characteristics of an successfull entrepreneur. If you want to be successful, you should work on them!

Our team consists of leaders working in the areas of online business, investing, personal branding, personal development, social selling and networking. And that’s what we’re going to talk about here. I encourage you to do so.

Our leaders have already invested in their own leadership development. Now, the best way to realize their vision is to develop other leaders! Anyone who wants to take the next step in their own leadership development, build their organization or prepare for the future should read our content. And what will you learn?

This place is meant to interest potential leaders and help them assess whether they will be true leaders, successful entrepreneurs.

Want a business you can be proud of?

What business have you really wanted? And what business do you have?

Do you remember how you dreamed of a company that would give you freedom? In which you will be the one to decide how much and what you work on… And whenever you want, you will go on vacation because the company will manage without you… And finally you will have time and money to realize so many of your ideas…

You wanted to create, to do something new, to be better than your current bosses, you wanted to change something…

Do you still remember about those dreams?

Psst... I'm going to tell you the secret formula. To build your dream business. I just have to warn you. The secret comes with a price. This recipe is not easy to follow, even though it only consists of four steps. If it were easy, every entrepreneur would do it. Meanwhile - we know how it is. Most companies struggle to survive or fail, very few are stable, very few are truly successful. I guess that your everyday life is filled with worries about liquidity, upcoming tax payments, salaries, transfers to suppliers... It's about finding order in the chaos of tasks, flood of problems and questions. You are looking for ways to make customers still want to buy, to make profits decent enough to allow you to survive and not go out of business. You look for new ways to make money. Every decision, every change is a risk. If you make a wrong one - it can cost you a lot. If you get it wrong - your company may cease to exist... We both know that the key is to grow your business. Building your own "gold mine". Changing your current business and your approach to it so that it becomes a smoothly running mechanism and with the precision of a Swiss watch - giving you back your free time, generating the money you need and allowing you to live the life you dream about. No more sleepless nights because of unpaid bills, overload of tasks and exhaustion from 24/7 work.

Many entrepreneurs started out with beautiful ideals and then collided with the brutal reality of…

Entrepreneurs work an average of 63 hours a week, risk everything, their entire fortune, and earn less than a typical civil servant in the process.

They often have to deal with demanding customers who only want lower prices, lazy and ungrateful employees, complicated laws, paying taxes… And instead of money in the account, all you can see is growing debt

No one who has not experienced this will understand how difficult the life of an entrepreneur is

Owning your own business was supposed to be a way to a better life, and it became a problem…

Frustration, fatigue, discouragement, fear for tomorrow, guilt and shame that you fail so often…

We know what the daily life of a typical entrepreneur looks like. We know because we’ve been through it ourselves… But we also know that you can do things differently!

You can run your business in a completely new way

 Your business is a system where everything affects everything…. It’s like an organism that as a whole needs to be healthy in order to function well…. We know that when you take care of each of the 5 most important areas of your business, it can run like a well-oiled machine. A company like this is simply easier to run…. Such a company attracts the best employees and such a company is loved by customers. And only such a company earns as much as it should!
We will show you how to achieve it. We will give you specific tools that will make it easier… Because you deserve a Company that you will finally be proud of!
Do you want it?

Successful entrepreneur cares about personal development

We believe that every person, every organization has a huge potential and can achieve anything they imagine and plan.

We are present in the area of individual development. We teach to create great visions. We train how to set goals. We help in their implementation. We take the results, income, and quality of life of people and teams to a higher level, so that they cross their own borders, believe in their competences, and privately and professionally find a sense of meaning and fulfillment.

Our synergy of diversity combined with courage, energy and positive attitude led us to the moment when we decided to establish the Well Business Club project. With our mission and vision we want to act on a large scale to make this world a better place to live and act in. We believe in the success of our mission.

The Success of a Business Network Online

Our circle of friends includes people we trust, understand and get on well with. Our acquaintances, colleagues and friends are guided by similar principles and values as we are. Does this way of building relationships also work in professional life? Does building business relationships have an impact on our business? Do good business relationships translate into the size and quality of our network of contacts?

It doesn’t matter how many people you know, it matters how many people know you. The art of gaining valuable contacts can be learned. You will learn simple rules that will help you become a master of online networking. Find out how to effectively build successful business relationships.

Networking is a network of relationships and contacts that serve to recommend each other, exchange information and support each other in the business world. It gives a chance to find new professional opportunities or to co-create interesting projects. How to start and what to remember?

One of the most important principles of networking is reciprocity. People feel an inner need to repay someone who has helped them, given them something or taught them something. This principle works regardless of culture. In networking, to gain something, you have to give something in return.


Become a leader in your life and business

characteristics of servant leaders : Do you happen to think that you could manage at a much higher level, but you don't know how to get there? Have you wondered how to strengthen your influence and win people over more? Curious about why some leaders excel above others? Based on their own - collectively over seventy years of leadership experience - authors Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller have concluded that the path to strengthening influence, mobilizing people, and effective leadership is through personal development. Of course, leadership is not just about development. However, it allows great leaders to gain and maintain leadership. Development is to a leader what oxygen is to a diver. Without it, he dies. Unlike the diver, you won't really die if you stop developing. But you will gradually lose your impact on people, and after a while, you will lose your ability to lead them altogether. It seems attractive to everyone to think about directing people for the rest of their lives. We don't want to be stuck in the same position indefinitely. What leader wants to stagnate, or worse, lose influence? If you choose to lead people for life - in a business, a community organization, or a family - you must continually evolve. It's simple, yet not easy in practice. This rule, like most great rules, only becomes effective when applied

Leader development is necessary. It is needed for action and competition that promotes the competitiveness of the group (community, company, etc.) that this leader leads.

Anyone can be a leader, just as anyone can be a parent, but not everyone needs to be or should be a leader. But anyone who chooses to be a leader can learn to be one, because it is a competency that can be practiced every day.

How leaders can guarantee themselves better results when working with people.

How to unleash the potential of the people in the team. Which core leadership role produces the greatest results in the medium and long term? And why.


What does it mean to be a Leader? How can this competence be developed?

Well Business Club accompanies leaders in their development, expands their competences, enables the exchange of best practices and experiences.


Want to effectively build relationships and sell online?

Social Selling is covered by almost all industry experts today. They also all claim that they can sell effectively on social media. On the other hand, beware, this is not what social selling is. Definition of social selling So what is social selling? Social selling is basically building relationships with current and potential customers through social media as part of a recurring sales process defined within our company. Social Selling is definitely not instant soup and a way to make a quick sale. Social selling is not meant to "close the deal" in 5 minutes, but to be a reason to discuss, exchange opinions and have a conversation. The deal can be closed later. The more salesy the message, the lower the response rate it will have. And given that sales occur between 5 and 12 contacts, it's worth the effort not only for follow-ups, but also for building a relevant and effective social media sales process.

We will show you how to acquire business customers through social media.

Discover the power of Social Selling, the latest trend in selling products and services. It is the answer to the specificity of selling business solutions based on relationships and trust. Social Selling is an activity based on the model of building a social relationship within the sales process. Combining it with LinkedIn provides a very accurate way to reach those potentially interested in the offer, while not using pushy forms of promotion.

Today, more and more successful entrepreneurs are using this solution, moving away from traditional sales acquisition techniques.

I was surprised that despite the availability of a large number of articles, webinars and courses on social selling still many interested people do not know what this method really is. I don’t even mean lack of „technical” knowledge, like „where to click”, but understanding the nature of how social selling works.

Social media is used to build relationships. Meanwhile, many people want to skip this stage and go straight to the sale, which should be the „consummation” of the relationship created earlier.

Business is easy

Success is a journey, not a destination. Whether it’s real estate, investing in stocks, network marketing, or running a dry cleaner, all successful entrepreneurs come from the same place. They wake up one day, get out of bed, stretch – and start !!!”

I believe that everyone regardless of their history, background or status has the potential to achieve the most difficult dreams in life, and the ability to achieve them depends strongly on our sense of worth.

I dream to improve the level of knowledge about entrepreneurship. I believe that the knowledge taught in schools is mismatched with the current times. This knowledge is no longer up to date! 

Explore Softmarketing to learn more about Our Business Model.

How do we build an online business ?
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How to build a stable online business? Is it possible to sell over the Internet with the highest quality product?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that it would be wonderful to run a business from anywhere in the world using only your smartphone?

Do you dream of combining running a business with important life goals for you such as education, family or passions?

Or maybe you want to significantly increase the scale of your business by selling to several, a dozen or tens of thousands of people at the same time, without leaving home, even when you sleep?

Do you have a team, but you see that the best sales are made by you and you dream about a repeatable system that your team will implement and maximize results and profits?