Softmarketing – an innovative business model. A good entrepreneur is a person who is successful both in business and in private life. It is increasingly being said that success is an internal matter that has nothing to do with wealth. It has a lot to do with a change in the level of consciousness that ultimately leads to wealth. Based precisely on this change, we have been exploring the different areas of Softmarketing, the model on which the functioning of Duo Life and Well Business Club is based. The Softmarketing model has now been in operation for over 7 years. See where the success comes from…

Why Softmarketing?

Softmarketing, a business model like no other on the market! Softmarketing combines the best practices and solutions from classic business, corporate, franchise and multi-level marketing. Softmarketing was created in Poland several years ago and is based on three stable pillars: health, money and personal development. It is a contemporary answer to human needs, i.e. to live a healthy life in prosperity, while constantly developing one's abilities, expanding one's awareness and working on one's limitations in order to constantly grow. Softmarketing is also a confirmation of the rule that real business is a team game. If you do not understand this, you will continue to be a busy entrepreneur, or a full-time employee working for someone else's dreams.

The idea of Softmarketing was born from the need to change the lives of its co-founders. The desire for change led to the creation of a new model. According to statistics, most people, in different countries, declare themselves unhappy. They develop their careers and businesses, often with well-paid, salaried jobs, and yet as many as 50 to 75% of people report being frustrated, dissatisfied and unhappy. They carry the frustration of a lack of professional fulfilment from work into their personal lives.

And did you know that more than half of all businesses fail within the first year of operation? Often people who start a business are completely unprepared for it. This is why new business models are needed that follow the successive stages of development of human consciousness.

When the aim of a business is profit, the strategy is built around goals and targets which are focused on specific numbers. However, focusing on numbers, targets and objectives can have the opposite effect. Much more effective is an approach whose intention is identity, that is, an approach centred around the answer to the question: What kind of organisation do we want to be?

Over the last few years, together with a group of entrepreneurs from various sectors, we have observed and analysed various business models. We have looked at great successes and failures, trying to understand the mechanisms behind them. The result is an innovative model based on three elements. Community. Value. Education. And with one key value and intention at the same time ( Human in the center of attention), which is the cause of all systems, mechanisms and business solutions.

Softmarketing puts people in the centre of attention, which means that it gives them an opportunity to develop, self-realise, and to set and achieve specific goals. I once heard it said that a person at the centre of attention is someone who is more than an ID, because he is someone who can take care of his own well-being holistically today.

Softmarketing - assumptions

There was only one reason for the creation of the Softmarketing model, which emerged from the network marketing business model – the human being as the supreme value and a business that puts this value in the centre of attention. That is why the main and fundamental assumption of this model is ” Human being in the centre of attention”. 

Softmarketing is a confirmation of the rule that real business is a team game. If you do not understand this, you will continue to be a busy entrepreneur or a full-time employee working for someone else’s dreams.

The Softmarketing model, which puts the Person at the Centre of Attention, focuses its activities around 3 key areas, with systemic solutions in each of them.


The community is the foundation of this business model, and its growth and the maintenance of real relationships within it are achieved through specific values and principles.


The activities in this business model are focused around three pillars. Happiness, Health and Abundance. The key to their implementation is intention and values. Using the example of Duo Life and Well Business Club, you will see how intention and values influence strategic solutions in an organisation.


We believe that the intention of every action should be the Person at the Centre of Attention. Following the principle of sowing and harvesting, we understand that what you give comes back, which is why we have chosen to pursue our intention in three areas.

Life is too short to spend it being miserable, they say. Happiness makes you feel good about yourself, and life in general.




Happy people build happy businesses

Happiness and health have been anecdotally linked for quite a while now—"laughter is the best medicine" has become a cliche' for a reason—but research backs up what many people have instinctively assumed all along: that happiness and health really are connected, and that one's level of happiness really can impact the level of one's health



We have a healthy approach to business and a business approach to health. The answer here is a health-promoting solution in the form of, among other things, top-quality products, as well as pro-health education organised at the highest level.

Wealth and happiness more connected to each other than previously thought. Wealth, undeniably, has its benefits. It provides not just cool stuff and superior health care but also freedom, control, choices



The results of a good life based on the intention of the Man at the Centre of Attention are success, fulfilment and wealth not only in the area of finances but in every sphere of life.

Softmarketing activity is based on such values as:

The greatest value in Well Business Club and DuoLife are the PEOPLE who cooperate with us. Network marketing, based on the relations with other people, gives us the advantage and allows us to reach the people who have not seen any prospects in such a business so far.


We believe that trust is the basis of effective cooperation because it directly affects communication. Trust, and therefore the presumption of good intentions, is the starting point of every relationship and every action we take.


We build business with each other, not on each other. We do the right thing, even if it means a temporary loss of profits. We keep Our promises and obligations.


We create a Community that everyone feels part of, with Space to express themselves and realise their potential. Acceptance, Attention and Adherence to rules and values build a relationship of mutual trust


We respect everyone’s free will. We provide solutions that give space and freedom of choice to every individual.


We lead new trends in business, development and health. We do not imitate others


We believe that leadership is about influence. We want that impact to be the best for the world.

The way to good business and the ideal lifestyle

A strategic approach to value gives you the opportunity to choose your specialisation in this business model and concentrate your activities on it. Softmarketing focuses primarily on people and the development of their potential. In a business model based on People at the Centre of Attention, the focus on profit is secondary.

Economic solutions in this model are the result of combining the best practices and financial systems available on the market. Classic business models try to fit Man into the system. Softmarketing gives space for Man to find himself in what suits him. In Softmarketing you will find references to the philosophy of slow life, wellbeing, turquoise organisations or nutritarianism.

Softmarketing was created because there was such a need on the market. Today people need to return to the human being, to values, to being instead of having. This is a completely unconventional model, which provides solutions that have not been available on the market so far. Why? Because they may not have been necessary until now, but now they are. Today people have changed, they have a different approach. Softmarketing allows them to manifest this approach.

Softmarketing puts people in the centre of attention, which means that it gives them an opportunity to develop, self-realise, and to set and achieve specific goals. I once heard it said that a man in the centre of attention is someone more than a statistical ID number, because he is someone who can take care of his well-being holistically. And this is true regardless of age, gender or experience on the labour market, so open-minded people will always find the right value for themselves. 

Softmarketing’s strength lies in its people, who share universal values such as trust, honesty and respect. . People who want to change the world for the better and who implement this plan by helping others to become more fulfilled and happy. Because Softmarketing is a model that offers many opportunities for life change, for improving health, relationships and finances. 

When talking about business, most of us usually think of large companies or corporations, where the overriding value is the company's profit, and employees are commonly squeezed like a lemon. In such companies, people are "pressed" into a job, they have to quickly adapt to the general conditions and just do what they are told. And so, unfortunately, from payday to payday, because money is usually the only value here. Besides, many people openly admit that they do not like their work and go to it only to have money for current expenses such as bills, food, clothes, transport and credit instalments. If you manage to put aside some money for a nice holiday, that's fine, but is that all that the modern labour market has to offer?

It focuses on building assets that generate passive income, so it gives you the opportunity to generate far more free time for yourself and your loved ones. It can be a source of main or additional income, with no limits on its amount.

Softmarketing is a business that is based on values, thanks to which relationships become unique and go far beyond the realm of business, because this business is built by people with each other, not on each other!