The only thing you need to do to lose weight is…. stop slimming down!

When you’ve been driving for more than an hour, have you ever unbuckled your pants belt because it was sticking unbearably in your stomach? Have you ever gasped while trying to tie your shoe laces while sitting down? Are you in a suit looking for a chance to undo the top button and loosen the tie?

If so, you’re in the perfect place!  „Former Fatty” takes you on a journey that could change your entire life. But in order for the lesson I want to share with you to make any sense, I need to tell you about myself. I’m a stocky guy in his early forties. A slacker. A terrible slacker. And a weight loss veteran at that.

I am a veteran of weight loss. I went through all possible diets, even the stupidest ones. I’ve swallowed miracle pills, I’ve followed the novelties on the market of „fast burn something ” and „slim something”. I bought a ton of the fanciest workout equipment. I counted calories, ate no carbs, and fed myself cabbage soup for a few weeks. I ran, swam, biked, hiked – I tried literally everything. And so for at least the last ten years. I just kept slimming down. The scheme of these actions was always the same. 

Have you ever tried to lose weight but without success? This is the problem of many men and women. We have a problem with stopping snacking and "getting on with the diet".

How are habits formed and why are they important in slimming down?

Habits are formed in our lives continuously. If we do not consciously create them, it is possible that we will not end up well. Many people say that habits come into our lives and have to stay in our lives. This is not the case. Our brains have such a feature as neuroplasticity (if you are interested in this topic, we recommend the book The Power of Habit).

This allows them to change their connections and adapt (get used to) new situations. This gives us the ability to change health habits and more.  

Why don't we manage to stay slim ?

The main reason why we reject dieting and healthy habits is because we want to go too fast and the demands we place on ourselves are too high. For example, if you plan to lose 20 pounds in a month, it is very possible that you will fail. Even if you reach your goal, the whole period will be very hard, and it doesn’t have to be that way! 


It is very simple. All you need is a small dose of persistence, a pen, a notebook and planning your goal in time. This way you won’t lose those „20 pounds in a month” but after a year you won’t recognize yourself in the mirror and you’ll feel much better! The goal of this method is to take small steps and implement healthy habits into your life that will stay.

Is it possible to overcome obesity and excess weight without much effort? Is it possible to achieve a slimmer figure, a new healthy better life without torturing yourself with successive diets, grueling exercises or a string of continuous sacrifices?  

Yes, it is possible thanks to the Kaizen method. It turns out that this technique previously used in business can be successfully used in a painless and effortless process of changing our lives. Less weight or increased physical activity are just the inevitable results of this change!


Kaizen is a philosophy of small steps, created to help us change – without imposing rigors on ourselves, making sacrifices, or doing more effort. We prove that consistent application of this method, well known in business, allows to achieve a lasting effect, faster than you would expect.

Starting today, don’t set any specific goal for yourself. Stop weighing and measuring yourself and checking your results.No more counting calories.  It’s a thing of the past that there’s no reason to go back to. Say stop to annoying weight spikes. Kaizen is the only method that will allow you to overcome this problem. It is a way by which you will simply start changing, slowly and effortlessly. And gaining the right weight or figure will only be side effects of this change. Sooner or later they will come by themselves, because you will start a new, healthy, light and happy life.

Start slimming down with a cleansing

If you want to start slimming and you want to lose weight and keep it off, start by cleansing your body.  Have you tried different diets and it was hard for you to keep them and after finishing them you quickly came back to your old eating habits and the same weight?

It is known that the most difficult part of losing weight and switching to healthy food is the beginning. That is why cleansing the body as the beginning of the slimming process is so important. Cleansing the body of toxins allows you to reset its settings and eating habits, which makes it much easier to change to a healthier way of eating and promotes weight loss.

The purpose of the detox is not slimming down! However, we do lose pounds during both the preparation and the cleanse, and the detox itself really helps us maintain a healthy weight. But if someone’s motivation for undertaking a detox is to lose a few pounds, that’s a very good thing! Because the most important thing is to do the detox! It happens (according to my observations, very often), that someone who initially wanted only to lose weight, during the  detox undergoes a real transformation.

We lose weight during the cleanse, but please treat this as a positive (for most of us) additional effect, not an end in itself. The main purpose of the detox is to improve well-being, health, nice, smooth and firm skin and rejuvenate the body.

How much weight we lose during a cleanse is an individual issue. However, if we are overweight, and it decreases very slowly, it happens for a reason. Disregarding diseases, losing weight too slowly may have its source in a disorder of the body, and first of all, hormones. If this has happened, the process of regaining balance is long and requires consistency, which includes not only nutrition, but also supplementation.

Natural dietary supplements for slimming

SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake is the right choice for anyone striving to maintain a beautiful, slim figure and seeking support for a sensible diet to promote weight loss and good overall body condition

SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake supports:

  • body weight control,
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  • metabolic processes,
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  • digestive processes,
  • maintaining normal blood glucose and cholesterol levels,
  • water management of the body,
  • cleansing processes of the body.

Lose weight with a free app

Download an app for free to support healthy habits. Achieve your lifetime shape with the ShapeCode App:

  • Receive tips on what to do to reach your goal
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Nutritarian diet for effective slimming

Nutritarian diet was developed by American nutritionist Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It assumes the selection of low-calorie but nutritious products that help lose weight and provide the body with necessary ingredients.

This diet is similar to a vegan diet in many ways, but allows meat and animal products in small amounts. The basic components of a nutritarian diet are vegetables in raw and cooked form, such as kale, lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and cabbage. Next on the food pyramid are legumes, fruits and grain products, followed by poultry, fish, lean dairy and oils. Only at the very end there is meat, cheese and sugar. It is important to consume 75 percent of the food in its raw form.

We want your life to be happy and healthy. We know from our own examples that without support and motivation it is difficult.

Our many years of experience have shown that you can lose weight in a healthy way and cope with many health ailments. You need to use a diet based on natural products, supplements and properly selected physical activity.

Thanks to which you will improve your appearance and fitness and lose weight.

You will learn how to exercise effectively and what to eat to avoid the yoyo effect and improve your health permanently.

Sounds interesting?

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