Vitamin d for vegetarians


DuoLife RegenOil Liquid Gold® is a true „liquid gold” among the highest quality cold-pressed oils. What makes DuoLife RegenOil Liquid Gold® so special is that it’s based on 13 vegetable oils that have been carefully selected for their antioxidant properties to support the longevity of the Omega-3s and Omega-6s contained in the product. The ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 has been included in the range of 1:1 to 1:5, allowing to maintain the so-called „golden ratio”. DuoLife RegenOil Liquid Gold® is a valuable source of essential unsaturated fatty acids that have a positive effect on diet-related ailments.

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Statistics report that most deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases.

In order to protect ourselves against them, it is worth introducing a lot of fruit and vegetables, wholemeal cereals and limiting fat intake into our daily menu. However, there are oils which, as it turns out, have a beneficial effect on the functioning of our heart. Which ones?

Whether you choose soybean, rapeseed or grapeseed oil, the most important thing is that it is unrefined and cold-pressed. Why is this so important? Vegetable oils, which are not subjected to complicated processes during their production, have much more health-promoting ingredients than those, which are supplemented with chemical substances. You can find information about the method of pressing on the product label. Each oil has different properties, making it a difficult choice.

DuoLife RegenOil is a product that combines 13 vegetable oils enriched with a range of vitamins (K2, MK7 D3). RegenOil provides us with a lot of necessary nutritional values supporting the work of our organism. This extraordinary vegetable oil is no longer just a salad topping, but a high quality health-promoting product. How is it possible to find so many valuable properties in one bottle? Let’s find out and take a look at the composition of DuoLife Liquid Gold™ Oil

Vitamin d for vegetarians and more

  • Vitamin K2 MK7 is one of the least appreciated vitamins. It turns out that it has a very strong impact on our health. Its regular consumption protects the heart against calcification, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, and reduces blood clotting. In addition, vitamin K2 MK7 has a very important property for the heart – it is responsible for its high efficiency, so with regular intake our body will be capable of greater effort, both physical and mental. Unfortunately, despite its many advantages, vitamin K2 also has one disadvantage – it is very difficult to find it in food products. Its richest natural source is the Japanese dish Natto. In DuoLife product we can find an extract from this dish, whose nutritional potential is created by fermentation of soybeans with Bacillus subtilis bacteria. Thanks to their activity, the soybean structure is transformed into a form with high bioavailability of nutrients.
  • Vitamin D3 – Scientific studies show a correlation between the intake of the recommended daily dose of vitamin D3 and proper heart function. It is recommended to use dietary supplements enriched with „sunshine vitamin” especially during autumn and winter. What can vitamin D3 deficiency in our body result in? Clinical studies carried out may surprise – increase in the risk of heart attack by more than 60% is only one of many consequences of insufficient amount of this vitamin.

The above-mentioned composition and properties of vitamins contained in vegetable oil may arouse great surprise and there is nothing surprising about it. After all, no one would expect that a seemingly ordinary food product can also be a dietary supplement and protect our heart from disease or enhance its performance. DuoLife Liquid Gold™ can be used alternately as a supplement to our dinner and a health product. Regular consumption of even just one teaspoon of oil will give our cardiovascular system a natural protection and guardian of proper heart function.

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