ProSelect : cells regeneration


DuoLife Medical Formula ProSelect® is a broad spectrum of plant and fungal extracts:

They support not only the body’s immunity, but also heart function, blood vessel and liver function, as well as the youthful appearance of the skin. The abundance of antioxidant polyphenols and immunostimulating polysaccharides contributes to the maintenance of optimal condition of the organism and helps protect against both acute infections and chronic diseases of civilisation, such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.



ProSelect : cells regeneration is effective in all types of tumours, eliminates tumours at the cellular level and at the same time prevents the appearance of new ones, accelerates tissue regeneration during cancer and after chemotherapy, removes harmful residues from the body after chemotherapy.

When used prophylactically, it improves liver function, strengthens the immune and immune system, effectively preventing the appearance of cancer, improves mood, and prevents various infections.

At a time when more and more people are at risk of cancer, you should take care of your health. Duolife ProSelect nutraceutical very strongly stimulates the immune system and restores the body’s self-repair mechanisms at the cellular level. This effect was achieved thanks to nature, which gives us all kinds of medicines.

  • Ingredients:
  • Vilcacora extract
    Restores vitality and strongly supports the immune system. Additionally, it regulates metabolism
  • Graviola fruit extract
    Optimizes body functions and has a positive effect on the immune system. Additionally, it adds a lot of energy
  • Schitake mushroom extract
    Rejuvenates the body and therefore improves well-being. Neutralises all free radicals and prevents the skin ageing process.
  • Apricot kernel extract
    Contains vitamin B17, which some doctors believe is the cure for cancer. Helps build our body’s natural defence barrier.
  • ProSelect A secret formula that purifies the blood, improves vitality and helps remove water radicals from the body.
  • Reishi Extract
    Relieves stress, mental and physical fatigue. Helps restore the body’s hormonal balance.


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