Nutraceuticals for Athletes and Movement Disorders


Regular physical activity is one of the aspects guaranteeing health maintenance. DuoLife products included in the Movement Set is a proposal that meets the requirements of today’s athletes, both professional and amateur. We recommend to use the supplements adapted to the specific needs of the athletes. They help to provide substances that have a beneficial effect on the function of the whole body.


Fitness is an element of wellbeing and appearance, often helping to reduce body weight. Often the main aim of workouts is to improve efficiency and physical fitness. This process is supported by a well-balanced diet and the use of nutraceuticals. Why do you need Nutraceuticals for Athletes ?
The demand for sports nutraceuticals is increasing day-by-day due to the greater consumer awareness and increasing acceptance of nutraceutical supplements in the market. This increasing consumer demand for nutraceuticals geared towards sports nutrition will continue to see strong sales in coming years. The major reasons for explosive growth of such types of athlete performance supplements are due to changing product market focus. Traditionally, sports endurance supplements mainly target towards body-building and other professional athletes.

Nutraceuticals for Athletes

The great advantage of nutraceuticals is that they are not seen as drugs, but nutritional products targeted for a specific action. The concentrated bioactive ingredient they contain is designed to prevent disease or support healing and enhance performance.

Athletes experience regular cycles of physiological stress accompanied by transient inflammation, oxidative stress and immune perturbations. In fact, during exercise, oxygen consumption in muscle can increase 15 -fold, leading to free radicals production that impairs the antioxidant system. High concentrations of free radicals can be harmful to many cellular tissues, although some reactive molecules, such as hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide may serve functions in cellular signaling and as secondary messengers in moderate concentrations.

Nutritional support has the potential to partially mitigate exercise-induced changes without interfering with the signaling activities necessary for training adaptations. Athletes should avoid foods that may increase oxidative stress and increase foods that are higher in antioxidants. An example would be a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which raises plasma levels of antioxidants and protects against many chronic diseases.

Optimizing nutrition in combination with exercise is considered an established, effective ergogenic practice for athletic performance. In recent years, the nutraceutical industry has gone from a simple conceptual area in biomedical research to a value-added industry with a promising future. Nutraceutical substances are normally obtained from foods, plants or even microorganisms. They have the potential to treat or prevent diseases, especially chronic ones, to improve physical and mental health, to increase life expectancy and to combat the typical disorders of aging.

Set Nutraceuticals for Athletes and Movement Disorders is a perfectly selected composition of products supporting the functioning of the body and it is adapted to the circadian rhythm. • with information about the general indication • the recommended method of consumption • with the recommended supplementation time • with dietary recommendations and a 7-day diet

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