Hormonal System Set


DuoLife HORMONAL SYSTEM package is a perfectly matched composition of products to support the functioning of the body and adapted to the daily rhythm. To support their action, you receive a supplementary kit prepared by specialists: – with information about the general indication, – with recommended method of consumption, – with recommended time of supplementation, – with dietary recommendations and a 7-day diet,

The package contains one piece each of:

DuoLife Vita C,
DuoLife Chlorophyll,
DuoLife Day & Night Kit,
DuoLife RegenOil Liquid Gold®,
DuoLife Medical Formula ProStik® NEW,
DuoLife Medical Formula ProRelaxin® NEW,


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The hormonal system, also known as endocrine system, is responsible for maintaining internal balance of the body – homeostasis. It consists of glands located in different parts of the body, responsible for the production and secretion of hormones that determine the proper functioning of individual organs and the entire body. Disorders of the endocrine system affect the loss of homeostasis, which promotes the development of a number of diseases. In order to support the proper functioning of the endocrine system, it is necessary to provide substances that help regulate hormone secretion. These effects can be ensured by supplementation with selected DuoLife products that are part of the Endocrine System Package.

Hormonal disorders, is a condition in the body that is very dangerous to your health. Although it is women who most often have problems with hormonal system, it can also occur in men. This kind of disorder can cause many unpleasant ailments, and when this condition lasts too long, health problems can appear.

What are the causes of endocrine disruption?

Abnormalities that occur in the body usually have their cause. This is also the case with endocrine disorders. There are really many of them, but today I will learn about the most common ones. So it is worth finding out why some hormones are secreted in excess and others are too low in the blood. This will help me to determine in which group we find ourselves, and thanks to this we will be able to determine faster how to fight against such abnormalities and which dietary supplements to reach for in order to normalize the work of the body and prevent the development of further disorders that may lead to deterioration of health. Here is a list of the most common causes of hormonal disorders in men and women:

Unhealthy diet and nutrient deficiencies

Our body needs a certain amount of nutrients in order to function properly. If we do not provide these components with a diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies may quickly appear, and thus the work of the whole organism will be disturbed, and also the work of the hormonal system will be changed. Unfortunately, more and more people forget about the importance of a well-balanced diet and do not follow its rules. However, if we are not able to supplement nutritional deficiencies even if we follow the rules of a well-balanced and diverse diet, it is worth reaching for dietary supplements.

Toxins and the hormonal system

We live in times when conditions are not healthy and safe for humans. Along with the air, food and drink into the body gets a lot of toxic components, which can contribute to the introduction of chaos into the rhythm of work of all systems and organs. If in the body there is an excess of these toxic components, then very often there are problems with health preceded by disturbing symptoms, such as unpleasant ailments. So it is worth knowing how we can contribute to the excretion of pollutants to take care of our health.


In the twenty-first century, everyone is exposed to stress. A long and hard work, the duties waiting for us when we get home, the stress of not being able to do something, of not fulfilling the expectations of society towards us and the constant rush are the reasons that lead to the feeling of constant stress. Due to excess stress, disorders occur in the body. When we feel threatened, the production of the stress hormone cortisol starts. If its concentration is high, then all processes in the human body may become slower or faster. All organs may decrease their functioning. Find more about ProRelaxin.

Almost everyone is aware that we should sleep at least eight hours a day. This is very important because sleep is the time when the human body begins to regenerate. During these eight hours the endocrine system works at full speed, melatonin, cortisol, growth hormone and prolactin are secreted. When we do not get enough hours of sleep during the day, the work of these hormones is disrupted. So it is necessary to ensure that our sleep is strong, long enough, and also a time of rest, In older people it is necessary to sleep eight hours a night. Women of all ages need a little more sleep, so they should get at least eight and a half hours. And children need up to ten hours of sleep a night. That is why it is worth betting on supplements that facilitate falling asleep and deep sleep like Duo Life Night.

What are the symptoms of hormonal system disorders ?

Hormonal disorders are suffered by many people all over the world. There are so many of them, and still most of them may not even realize that they have such an affliction and it can harm their health. Symptoms of endocrine system disorders are inconspicuous and we do not always associate them with this very problem. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to distinguish this abnormality in order to determine whether it appears in us. Below we present you with a list of symptoms of endocrine disorders:

  • In women, menstrual problems,
  • In men, problems with building muscle mass,
  • In women, non-ovulatory cycles.
  • Fertility problems – trying to have a child for a long time,
  • Excessive hair loss,
  • Obesity and overweight,
  • Feeling constantly tired and lacking energy,
  • Lack of or increased appetite,
  • Acne,
  • Excessive hair loss all over the body,
  • Milk leaks from the nipples in both men and women,
  • Irritability,
  • Emotional disturbances,
  • Headaches and frequent migraines.

If you are experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms, they may be due to hormonal system abnormalities. In both men and women, such abnormalities can lead to a decline in your mood, appearance, and health.

What supplements to choose for hormonal disorders?

We already know what the causes of endocrine disorders are and how to recognize them. However, now we are facing the most important part. Many people wonder how to regulate the work of hormones and support their proper functioning. It is not easy, and it is worth knowing that medications that are designed to manage the endocrine system often lead to the appearance of various side effects. So it is worth opting for slightly more natural and safer ways to deal with this problem to begin with. Below we will present for you a list of dietary supplements that can help improve the work of hormones and normalize them.


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