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DuoLife Day & Night set is a specially developed formula that comes in two product bottles. The human body needs other ingredients during the day and others at night. The unique composition of natural ingredients supports the work of individual systems, depending on the daily cycle.

DuoLife Day is the solution for those who want to activate the psychomotor qualities of their organism and who want to provide their body with substances essential for tchem to function properly every day.

DuoLife Night is the solution for people who want to enjoy life after a good night’s sleep and seek full regeneration of their vital forces by providing their organism with necessary substances.

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The main task of Day & Night Nutraceutical is to supply our diet with vitamins, minerals as well as chemical compounds and plant extracts necessary for our health.

A well-balanced diet should provide all the substances that the body needs, but this is not always possible. This results in nutrient deficiencies, which are most effectively and quickly supplemented by dietary supplements. It is also worth reaching for them even if our diet is properly composed – because there are components that we are not able to provide in appropriate amounts with food.

There are many different supplements available on the market – it is estimated that about 3000 new products of this type appear on the market every year. Among them, especially noteworthy are DuoLife Day and DuoLife Night, which are the answer to the diverse needs of the body during the diurnal rhythm.

During the day, to activate the body’s psychomotor and provide exceptional substances needed for proper functioning, reach for DuoLife Day. Closed in a bottle carefully selected natural ingredients from around the world, giving you health and energy. It contains noni, a rich source of serotonin and melatonin that maintains the body’s normal rhythm and well-being.

The active ingredients in Noni stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and increase appetite. Acai has a set of vitamins, minerals and polyphenols. It has 20 times the free radical scavenging capacity of all other known sources. Alfalfa, which contains three times more protein than soya and regenerates the mucous membranes, will also protect us from ageing. Pomegranate fruit, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, as well as hawthorn and sea buckthorn.

Duolife Day also supports the immune system with aloe vera, elderberry, ginseng and rosehip, which also cleanses the body of toxins. Duolife Day cares for our immunity, vitality and provides energy every day.

Duolife Night is designed to regenerate the body during sleep, to provide fuel for the next day. In the formula you will find a wealth of nature: goji and white mulberry help maintain normal blood sugar levels, in addition goji contains tryptophan – a natural stimulant for the production of serotonin and melatonin.

White mulberry, on the other hand, helps maintain cholesterol at a proper level and reduces excessive appetite. Thistle is a valuable source of flavonolignans, vitamins, zinc salts, silicon, iron and potassium. It protects the liver and alleviates inflammatory conditions resulting from diabetes, prevents cholelithiasis. Artichoke also supports the digestive system and maintain proper levels of triglycerides.

Duolife Night also provides ingredients that support the immune system and delay the aging process: vilcacora fruit, which activates the immune system and has been shown to inhibit the development of cancer, plum, rich in vitamins C and E and antioxidants that fight free radicals, acerola, one fruit of which contains as much natural, left-handed vitamin C as a kilogram of lemons and alfalfa. It also contains beetroot, which supports cleansing of the body and proper functioning of the digestive tract, nettle, which has a diuretic and cleansing effect, and lemon balm, which has a calming effect and helps with headaches and chronic fatigue.

Day & Night Support Nutraceuticals meeting different needs of the body in 24 hours, regenerate the body and give energy. They are produced with the highest quality standards and an innovative synergy system. Duolife Day and Duolife Night in a study conducted by Hamilton and Central Laboratory in Australia has been recognized as incomparable in its effectiveness to any supplement yet used in the market.

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