Boreliss Pro : parasite cleanse


Stimulates the immune system and soothes the symptoms of tick bites.

A dietary supplement which supports the treatment of borreliosis and parasites. However, BorelissPro is a preparation which not only alleviates the effects of bites from ticks but its task is also an effective stimulation of the organism’s immune system. Precisely selected composition of ingredients was chosen in order to maximize the effectiveness of borreliosis treatment. BorelissPro is considered by doctors as the best available preparation of this type on the market. A unique solution is patented by DuoLife antioxidant formula that is extremely effective in protecting body cells from free radicals. It inhibits the skin aging process. With a perfectly matched combination of individual ingredients strengthens the potency of the product. All Duolife products are GMO-free or genetically modified crops.

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Thanks to the synergic combination of the individual ingredients, it has been possible to achieve a potency of up to 500% stronger than the use of the same ingredients separately, which results in a very strong support for the elimination of Lyme disease and as prevention in states of threat of infection.

As a natural product supporting the organism during colds, sinusitis, it supports the removal of all kinds of parasites, protozoa, worms and fungi from the organism (trichomoniasis, flukes and tapeworms) and strongly reduces their development in the organism, it has an anti-allergic effect, improves and supports the work of the liver, thanks to which it strengthens the immunity of the organism. When used in prophylaxis, it prevents the development of any viruses and harmful bacteria, and is indicated for severe inflammation.

BorelissPro® dietary supplement is an excellent source of phenolic compounds, chlorogene acid, iridoids and alkaloids. BorelissPro®, thanks to the application of suitable proportions of ingredients and adding an innovative formulae of antioxidants which strengthens the product’s effect, makes this fully natural supplement work with enhanced effectiveness.
All ingredients which compose BorelissPro® dietary supplement stimulate the organism immunology and soothe the symptoms of tick bites.


Boreliss Pro parasite cleanse – Ingedients

  • Cistus herb extract is an excellent source of polyphenols. It has antioxidative properties and effectively supports the immune system. It improves the quality of life, slows the process of ageing of the organism, and helps to maintain good condition of the skin. The cistus herb extract supports a healthy bacterial flora.
  • Teasel root extract helps to detoxify the organism and has immunostimulatory effects. It contains valuable iridoids which help to keep joints and bones fit. Teasel root extract mobilizes and boosts the effectiveness of the immune system
  • Garlic extract contains flavonoids and a considerable concentration of organic sulphur accumulated in alliin and scordinin. Garlic supports healthy function of the heart and helps to maintain a normal level of cholesterol. It is famous for its positive impact on the immune system.
  • Oregano extract displays strong immunostimulatory effects. It is also a rich source of flavonoids, protecting the cells against free radicals.
  • Japanese knotweed extract supports the immune system, helps to detoxify the organism and soothes the symptoms of tick bites.
  • BorelissPro® (protected formulae of antioxidants obtained from the mixture of fruit and vegetable dry extract in varying proportions) provides the organism with many valuable high-antioxidant components which assist the function of the immune system and detoxify the organism.

Scientific opinions on BorelissPro®

“Thanks to the innovative formula involving the selection of only natural ingredients, which guarantees mutual synergisation, BorelissPro® dietary supplement is uniquely effective in Lyme disease prevention and it soothes the effects of tick bites.”

P. Kardas, PhD Chairman of the Scientific Council

“I meet more and more patients who suffer from Lyme disease which is very difficult to diagnose and provide an effective treatment. When inappropriately treated, it has a devastating effect on the human body. Natural medicine turns out to be indispensable in such cases. Its wisdom was used to produce BorelissPro® dietary supplement, which I recommend to my patients.

prof. WStelmach, PharmD,


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