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During autumn and winter, we are particularly vulnerable to various infections, which can end in dangerous complications. Recuperation after an illness is often a much more difficult task than the treatment itself. The treatment is usually supported by an antibiotic, which adversely affects the body and sterilizes the intestinal bacterial flora. Therefore, after an illness, one should take special care of a well-balanced diet and activity. The question arises then, how to strengthen the body after a long and serious illness? What are the ways to quickly strengthen a weakened organism after an illness? What supplements should be taken to strengthen the body?

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Recovery is the time when you back to health and your body recovers from a serious illness, injury, accident or surgery. Usually during this time, at least a few days of rest, adequate physical activity, giving up tobacco, alcohol and caffeine, and following the diet, medications and supplements indicated by specialist are recommended.

Back to health after surgery

Any surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia places a strain on the body and requires adequate recovery. Many surgeries – especially those involving the musculoskeletal system – require lengthy, systematic rehabilitation and supplementation as part of the recovery process to allow the patient to back to health.

Recovery also serves an important function after all types of transplants and radio and chemotherapy.

Recovery from illness

Although home sickness does not seem to require as rigorous a recovery as surgery, it is important to remember that the absence of cough and fever does not mean that the threat of illness has passed, and a body weakened by the flu or pneumonia may require several days or weeks before it is working at full capacity. As part of your recovery from illness, you should avoid exercise for at least a week. Care should be taken to nourish the body during this time. This is best done through proper supplementation.

Taking probiotic supplements is also recommended while taking antibiotics.

It’s important to remember that our body has a surprising ability to recover if we give it the right conditions to do so, and that’s what the recovery period is for. This is because after an illness or injury, the body itself begins to work hard to help us recover – even if we do little to aid the process.

Nutraceuticals for post-disease body strengthening and COVID

Antibiotic therapy, although it allows you to quickly get rid of the infection causing the disease, negatively affects the condition of the body. Antibiotics lead to destruction of the bacterial flora, which significantly impedes the absorption of vitamins. For this reason it is necessary to supplement their deficiencies. After an illness you should especially take care of the appropriate level of vitamin A and B vitamins. Vitamin C also has a huge impact on strengthening the body. It should be noted that the supplementation of vitamin C and rutin allows for a quick recovery and full strength. This is possible due to the formation of a protective barrier that protects against further bacterial and viral infections. Importantly, rutin is not produced by the human body, so it should be taken in the form of dietary supplements and preparations with vitamin C and rutin, prolonging the effect of the said vitamin.




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