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People laugh at me for trading nutrition supplements

What is it about nutrition supplements ?For many people, nutrition supplements are not a good area for business.Although, global spending on nutrition supplements has increased to $140.3 billion by 2020, which will reach nearly $152 billion this year. It’s natural for people to want to make money because they need money to live. And even a hit lately is the question: What to do to become a millionaire? It is natural that people want to earn money, because money is necessary to live. It is also normal that a lot of people want to become millionaires in order to have an easy life, but before this happens there are difficulties that few want to overcome…

I have a group of friends who constantly laugh at me and my ideas for making money, and I have plenty of them. Many I will never implement because I would run out of life.

Job or trade ? Even related to nutrition supplements 😁

To get to the point, I have a puzzle in which the criterion for evaluation is income. What is better to do than go to a job where you earn $12 per hour? (and in fact you earn $ 9, because even working 10 hours a day very often costs you an additional 2-4 hours of commuting there and back and the time you spend preparing for it), or to trade nutrition supplements over the Internet where you need a week to start, you get a ready-made online store, and working an hour a day you can earn a minimum of $ 1000 a month just by creating content and building relationships online, using social selling?

Of course, now there will be an important question or a whole series of important questions. What about opening a business, the logistics and so on. In this case, these are the stairs that everyone will easily walk through. Everything is taken care of by the Duo Life company. You don’t even have to start a business because everything works with Sodexo system.

What Will People Say

The nutrition supplements trade has another staircase that intellectuals are unable to pass. The problem is WHAT WILL OTHERS SAY ABOUT ME? – I graduated from college not to trade in nutrition supplements! – I studied so much to trade? I prefer to go to work as, for example, a clerk …. and complain about the whole world, but as it proudly sounds „clerk”. And what’s more, he’s poor, because he doesn’t have enough money to put away even 300 dollars. I don’t know if it’s better to lie down under a train at once than to pour your frustration on your children after a few years, programming them for the evil of this world. I do not want here to cling to this particular profession (certainly there are people working in the office and happy, but I noticed that our expectations of the work at certain positions is thousands of light years from reality and then there is disappointment and a strange consequence of disappointment).

Probably many will say that they like what they do and then I do not deny it at all. If your job, even for a penny, gives you satisfaction, you love it and your boss – congratulations, after all, it’s about enjoying life, and work is part of our lives, is not it?

Be brave enough to make money

The world is becoming a producer of MBAs who don’t want to pick up a shovel and do some concrete work. The world is over-intellectualized and that is why there is so much bitching and complaining. Let’s start thinking realistically and do simple jobs because people make big money on them.

Isn’t it better to look realistically and make money than to look at what others will say about us. I am 100% convinced that they will say nothing if they see how well you are doing.

I have plenty of friends whose education does not allow them to do jobs that are derogatory to a master’s degree. I studied economics and have no problem doing simple things that make money. I had a period in my life when most jobs were „unworthy” of me and that was my financial disaster. I had no money for anything, I was frustrated. It was the worst year of my life – then I said never again. Today I don’t worry about my friends just motivate them to make money and don’t care about other people’s opinion.

Just get rid of your sick ambitions and start working for your results, because there is plenty of money to be made, you just have to be open to it.

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