Wondering what the definition of this term is and what the process of creating a customer profile looks like? The people who are your customers are constantly evolving and changing. You, with your business, certainly have an idea of who the best customer for you is and who you want to target with your products and services. Buyer Persona is a profile of your ideal customer - it contains all the information about who they are, what they do, what motivates them, what they fear or need.

How do you create a profile of your ideal customer ?

Have you ever wondered who your customer is? How old he is, where he lives, or even what he does in his spare time? Have you ever imagined what he or she is thinking about when making purchasing decisions? Well, that’s exactly what it is. Maybe you have a blog and want to be active in network or affiliate marketing, but do you have a carefully laid out plan for reaching your customers? If not, that’s great because in this text you’ll learn how to do just that. You will learn how to build a profile of your ideal customer.

I have already written about the avatar in a previous article. If you have not read it, you can find it here Customer avatar in affiliate marketing.

A customer avatar is a profile, or description of your target audience and ideal customer. It is nothing more than a listing of typical characteristics and behaviors for the narrow group you want to target with your sales communication. It is a portrait that gives you a much deeper insight into the mind of your future consumers. And since you already know well how your customer thinks, it is much easier for you to speak to them in their language. Why do we need an Avatar? You'll learn the direction of quality marketing and sales efforts; You will save money on advertising, for example, because you will know who to target; You will know what strategy to adopt to be successful and you will not waste time, money and energy on the wrong contacts; You will learn how to communicate better with your customer; You will see your customer's world more clearly and find it easier to respond to and meet their needs; And most importantly: You'll sift out the clients you don't want to work with.

Why do we need Customer Avatar?

  • You will learn the direction of your marketing, SEO and social media efforts;
  • You will save money on advertising, for example, because you will know who to target;
  • You will know what strategy to adopt to be successful and you will not waste time, money and energy on wrong contacts;
  • You will learn how to better communicate with your customer, what content to write or record on YouTube;
  • You will see your customer’s world more clearly and you will find it easier to respond to and satisfy their needs
  • Eliminate customers you don’t want to reach.

Avatar of an ideal customer in practice

One extremely effective approach to target audiences is to create a virtual persona between the anonymous user segment and Mr. Smith or Ms. Taylor, who have been shopping online for years. This non-existent entity that embodies the representative of the segment is the avatar of the ideal customer.

Persons, above all, allow you to get to know the representative of the selected segment better.
Thanks to them you have the impression that the recipient is a real user of the service or store. As in everything, however, moderation is important – practice shows that it is worth creating a maximum of six personas, which are most often categorized as main, secondary and extreme.

You may think that such analysis and describing in few sentences the group you want to reach is a piece of cake. Just find out where the client lives, how old he is and that’s it.

Unfortunately, it does not work like that!

Two steps

Step 1 – Think like a customer, not like a salesperson

When you create a service or product, you think it fits perfectly with the customer’s needs. However, when the customer is not emotionally connected to what you are offering, they approach it very differently.

You need to step into your customer’s shoes and imagine what is important to them, not to you. You may think your services are effective. However, what if the client only considers price or deadline.

What if they want to talk to you over the phone about your product, but all they get is a blank description on your website?

Take this into consideration.

Even though you know the industry you’re in, customer decisions are still an unknown.

Step 2 – Ask the customer

You can speculate and wonder who your customer is and what drives them. However, this will take you some time. If you want to shorten it, then QUESTION.


A phone call;
Messenger conversation;
Comments under your posts.
Anything where you interact with your target audience.

This is where it’s good to get into an intimate relationship with your customer. Of course, it’s not about flirting, but a frank exchange about what you expect from each other in the affiliate-client relationship.

The ideal customer avatar step by step


Gathering basic demographic information is the best start for you to begin outlining your brand image and outreach channels. This will also make it easier to envision your prospect’s personal life. Answer the questions: How old are they? Where do they live? Do they have children? Are they married? Are they female or male? What income do they earn in their household?


At what stage did they complete their education? In what schools did they study? What course of study did they choose? What courses are they taking? The more precise, the better.


What position do they achieve ? How did they get there (what was their career path like)? Are they working in their profession? Did they choose a job consistent with their field of study (or maybe after graduation they decided to become HR specialists)? Or maybe they changed the industry? What kind of company does your ideal client work for? What is the size of the company? How many employees does it have? What is their annual revenue? With this data, you’ll be even better able to target your messages.

A normal day

What time do they get up? What do they read with their morning coffee? Or do they only browse the press or Internet portals at work? What time do they leave for work? What do they drive to it? How do they work and what do they do when they have one of their busiest days? On which day of the week does the most work fall on them? What time do they leave work? What do they do after work? Do they spend time at home? Do they hang out with friends? What movies, series, TV shows do they watch? Which people matter most in their lives? Where do they go out to clubs or meetings? How do they dress? The more personal information you have, the easier it will be for you to tailor not only your process, but also your marketing communications.


You do business because you want to solve someone else’s problem. How does this problem affect the life of your ideal customer ? What professional or personal challenges does she face ? Go into detail and carefully consider all the nuances of the problem and illustrate how they feel about it.

Come up with a quote that could apply to your prospect, such as „It’s hard to stay healthy when you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have time for prevention and proper nutrition.” This will make it easier for you to tailor your message, and therefore easier to sell your service or product.


Ask yourself what your prospect’s main goal in life is and what his/her secondary goals are. Goals can relate to life in general (e.g., get healthy) or to specific situations (e.g., lose weight). What you can do to bring the persona closer to success and make it look good in the eyes of family, friends and co-workers.

If you are going to sell or communicate with your ideal customer, you need to know how they consume information and knowledge. Do they prefer to meet online (e.g., participate in webinars or Zoom conversations) or do they meet in real life. Do they read newspapers? Or maybe blogs? Do they use Google search to find a particular offer, or do they distrust it and prefer YouTube or recommendations from friends or colleagues? You should also consider what sources of information are credible to your prospect? Bloggers, or perhaps journalists? What do they read regularly? This will help you know which media outlets you should be present in.


Ask yourself, or better yet, your persona, why she is considering purchasing the product or service you are describing, how the buying process is or was going on her part. If you consider all the „pros” and especially the „cons” that your persona might have before using your services, you have the opportunity to prevent them. It’s also a clear signal to include educational and informational elements in your marketing process to eliminate such concerns in the future. So find out what might be rejecting a prospect from buying not only your product, but also your competitors. Is this the first time the prospect has used such services? If not, what might have made her choose that particular company as a provider?

The ideal customer and their objections

If you take the time to explore all the adversities and issues when making a decision to work together or make a purchase, you are able to provide the customer with the necessary support right from the start and allay their uncertainties.

Advice for your business

Profiling your ideal customer is all about pinpointing the niche that your website will be targeting. By doing so, you will be better able to identify and attract quality customers who need the services or products described, for example, to grow their businesses. It can be said that such a customer will not be able to run their business without your help. In view of this, you can define such a general profile of a client, i.e. a company that will need the services or products provided by you.

If you consistently target quality customers, you will lose less time, money, and nerves to misdirection. The Ideal Customer Profile helps you better understand how to reach a person who is looking for the kind of products or services that your partner companies offer. Which will certainly translate into more accurate forecasting and predicting sales and the number of successful transactions.

The Ideal Customer Profile allows you to improve your customer service and collaboration. The better you know your customer, the better you can tailor your offer and services to meet their needs. With Affiliate Softmarketing you don’t waste money and time on acquiring new customers who want to use your offer just once. Instead, you can start providing comprehensive services, keep your existing customers happy, and this will help you find your place in the niche. However, this does not mean that you should stop looking for new clients. Each one is an opportunity and an additional experience for you.

The ideal customer profile will also help you get more and better referrals. An ideal customer will see great value in your products or services. He is grateful that you make his daily work and life easier. This, of course, translates into him being more likely to recommend your company to others.


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