Why do some people seem destined to succeed while others always fail? Could the answer lie in what we call willpower? What is willpower? Let's start with a definition - 'willpower' means the intention, desire or will to make something happen, what someone wants, what someone has decided for themselves. Willpower, therefore, is the motivation to enlarge and strengthen the 'will'.

Where there’s a will there’s a way

No one lacks the strength they need, but it is perseverance that can be rare. The biggest challenges diminish once you have enough willpower. Where there’s a will there’s a way. We use only a small part of the physical and psychological resources we are given. It is the same with our determination. It is better to hide than to look forward, face our problems and look for solutions. We quickly forget that once we believe in ourselves, we will discover how to live life to the full.

Being authentic in a world that constantly tries to turn us into someone else is a serious challenge. The paths we choose reflect our decisions. Do we want to end up giving up on our dreams? If so, we should stick to the easy and common choices. But if we would rather go outside the scheme, we can be ourselves in the world we have created.

Willpower is the most powerful force of all.

Willpower is the impulse that will bring about the fulfilment of our desires. Someone with strong willpower makes up his mind, even in the face of all kinds of difficulties and opposition. However, someone with weak willpower will easily fold when faced with adversity.

This strength is related to desire. If we do not want something enough, the willpower we use to get it will be too weak. On the other hand, if the desire is strong enough and we do, we will certainly fight until we reach the goal.

You need willpower to move mountains, push forward and plant seeds of confidence.

Where there’s a will there’s a way – webinar

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What is willpower and do you need it to succeed?

Why do some people seem destined to succeed while others always fail? Could the answer lie in what we call willpower? What is willpower? Let’s start with a definition – 'willpower’ means the intention, desire or will to make something happen, what someone wants, what someone has decided for themselves. Willpower, therefore, is the motivation to enlarge and strengthen the 'will’.

Willpower is the inner strength that enables you not only to make decisions, but also to carry them out. People with strong willpower are able to make decisions in the face of strong opposition. People with weak willpower often capitulate and give up.

Where there is willpower, there is resolution, assertiveness, persistence, decisiveness and firmness. Every day we use willpower to take an action or stop doing something, resist temptation, overcome procrastination, create good habits and ultimately achieve our goals.

Willpower is what makes us different from animals. It is the ability to restrain our impulses, to resist temptations – it allows us to do what is right and good for us in the long term, not just what we want to do now to satisfy our momentary cravings and lusts.

Willpower and its impact on success

There is a thin line between success and failure, and that line is willpower. Willpower gives us the power to overcome negative traits and impulses such as inactivity, inactivity, laziness, procrastination and all sorts of temptations. It is the ability to find the energy, motivation and stamina and perseverance to keep moving forward, even when you are tired and impatient and part of you is looking to escape from a situation.

Studies have shown that when we are awake every 2 minutes or so, we are faced with a situation that requires us to make a decision. We make more or less important decisions. These are different kinds of decisions. What to wear? What to eat? Whether to go by car or by tram? What kind of studies to enrol in? What product to sell? Who should I meet? etc. We spend 3 to 4 hours a day exercising willpower: resisting the urge to eat sweets, ordering another beer and pizza instead of a healthy meal, logging on to Instagram or Facebook instead of studying for an exam, having an affair with a colleague, buying another pair of shoes, etc. When we make choices, we need to analyse not only our motives, but anticipate their consequences.

People with high willpower and conscientiousness get better grades in school, commit fewer crimes and stay married longer. They live longer, have fewer strokes, lower blood pressure and a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, Paul Tough in his book proves that perseverance, curiosity, a positive attitude and self-discipline are what make a child a winner in adult life.

So how do we fare in this battle for willpower?

Not as good as it might seem. According to a study conducted by the University of Florida, despite our attempts to resist, we give in to one out of every six cravings. As a result, we delay our morning getting up for another nap, spend more than we should, surf the internet more hours than we realise, watch hours of TV or Netflix and give in to other similar temptations.

In various surveys and polls, people regularly indicate that a lack of willpower is one of the main obstacles to making and maintaining changes that would improve their lives.

With greater willpower, people exercise more regularly, avoid alcohol and other drugs, eat healthier, save and invest money, achieve their goals and do other things that have a positive impact on their lives.

We make mistakes and experience various unpleasant events because we lack willpower. Subconsciously we know what is good for us, what will help us, but we lack the willpower to take appropriate action. We often know what is harmful to us, what we should stop doing, but we lack the willpower to eliminate these negative behaviours.

What role does willpower play in achieving your goals?

Willpower is not a cheap resource. Self-control is one of the more costly energy tasks for our brain, consuming even more blood sugar than memory or learning a language. Glucose is one of the most important ingredients your brain needs for effective self-control.

Willpower and delaying gratification
Willpower is essential to help us delay gratification, which is the ability to give up immediate but small benefits in favour of deferred but larger benefits. We resist the shopping frenzy at the mall so that we can save for our children’s college education, a new home, or a comfortable retirement; we resist the temptation to sleep so that we can finish a project or prepare for an exam; we resist the urge to explode with anger and start a fight so that we can maintain a good relationship with our spouse or friend.

According to scientists, we have one part of the brain that is impulsive and emotional, while the other part is cognitive and reflective. People with low willpower are prone to emotional reactions that are not fully thought out and hardly think about the long-term consequences of their actions.

On the other hand, people with strong willpower have a greater ability to plan, cope with stress, respond with common sense, and have the ability to concentrate without getting distracted. They also show a greater capacity for self-control in difficult and frustrating situations. In short, people with strong willpower have many of the qualities necessary for success. As a result, they are more successful in implementing and achieving the plans and goals they set for themselves.

Natural methods for fighting seasonal allergies Usually, mild seasonal allergies, such as pollen, are dealt with on a temporary basis with nasal drops and over-the-counter medications. However, although they are safe, they will not be inert to the body. Especially the drops for rhinitis, which can be addictive. Therefore, the solution may be to take the help of natural medicine. It is worth trying, for example, black cumin oil containing thymoquinone with anti-inflammatory effect and blocking the secretion of histamine. We use it 2 times a day, 1 teaspoon each. Children are given half or ¼ teaspoon. Chamomile can also be effective (if we are not allergic) - it contains compounds that inhibit the release of histamine. Drink the infusion 2-3 times a day. Aromatherapy with chamomile essential oil can also be effective: in a diffuser, as a bath additive or inhalation. Homeopathy is also an effective natural allergy remedy that works by activating the body's own power to fight the illness - without any side effects and in accordance with individual needs. You can therefore use pollens about two weeks before the expected pollen season of allergenic plants. It helps reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Allergy Treatment

Year after year, the number of allergy sufferers doubles worldwide. The youngest suffer, but also seniors. The severity of the illness determines how it is treated. You can help yourself using natural methods, but sometimes it is also necessary to consult an allergologist. How do I deal with an allergy?

How to get rid of ticks ? To remove the tick, you can buy a special lasso at the pharmacy. You can also remove the tick with a pump-like instrument (anti-tick). How can you remove a tick if you do not have any of these tools? You can use ordinary household tweezers.

How to get rid of ticks ?

How to get rid of ticks ? To remove the tick, you can buy a special lasso at the pharmacy. You can also remove the tick with a pump-like instrument (anti-tick). How can you remove a tick if you do not have any of these tools? You can use ordinary household tweezers.

If it were not for the immune system we would not survive. This is because at every moment it protects us from a number of threats, both external and internal. The immune system owes its activity primarily to leukocytes, which play the role of our internal army. Immune system funcntion : If our body were a state, the immune system would be its armed forces. Every second it defends us from external enemies (otherwise known as pathogens or disease agents, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa or toxins), as well as internal threats, reacting to tissue damage or abnormal cell division (cancer). In this way, together with the neurological and endocrine (hormonal) systems, it decides about maintaining homeostasis (balance) in our body. The set of mechanisms that help us protect ourselves from various threats - external and internal - is called immunity. IMMUNOLOGICAL SYSTEM - mode of action: non-specific immunity Because of the role of the immune system, its cells are found almost throughout our bodies. The main line of defense is provided by specialized cells called white blood cells or leukocytes, which include granulocytes (neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils) and granulocytes (T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, NK cells, and monocytes, including macrophages). Some of this army is located in all tissues of the body, while others are located in the "barracks" of organs and tissues that make up the lymphatic system: bone marrow, thymus gland, spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils, appendix, intestinal Peyer's tufts, and lymph nodules scattered in various parts of the body (especially the gastrointestinal tract).

Immune system function

The human immune system is designed to protect the body from external factors. Its selective mechanisms are very important to the human body, since it is an integrating system communicating with the nervous and endocrine systems.

What is Aloes ?Aloes is aloe vera. Aloe vera is a popular plant that many people have at home in pots. Aloe vera extracts, juices and all kinds of ointments have been used for hundreds of years. The plant has a rich set of compounds exhibiting biological properties. It contains vitamins, mineral salts, organic acids, protein compounds and many others. Aloe vera action and application Soothes burns It helps to detoxify the body Helps dry skin Helps fight allergies Has anti-inflammatory effect Stimulates wound healing Has a positive impact on immunity

What is aloes ?

On the packaging of our products you may come across the name aloes. What is aloes ? Aloes means exactly the same as aloe vera. It has been known and valued for centuries. Legends circulate that even Cleopatra took advantage of its extraordinary properties. Despite this, many people do not know how beneficial it is for our body. It is rich not only in vitamins and minerals, but also in amino acids and fatty acids! Thanks to this, it supports digestion and helps cleanse the body of toxins. What else can this wonderful plant do? Here are the 5 most important properties of aloe vera

What is aloes and why does it have so many benefits ?

Aloe vera is a plant with a very versatile effect and many properties. All this is due to the high content of active substances, including essential amino acids, which are not produced by our body itself (e.g. lysine, methionine or tryptophan). Moreover, aloe vera is one of the best sources of vitamins: C, B1, B2, B3 and folic acid and minerals: calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium and sodium. It also contains glycosidic compounds, enzymes, polysaccharides, organic acids, resins and tannins. This extremely rich composition makes aloe vera antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and immune system stimulating.

Aloe vera detoxifies and restores balance

One of the most important benefits of aloe vera is that it detoxifies our body. This is because its pulp simultaneously cleanses toxins and restores the acid-base balance. It stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, which not only improves metabolism, but also helps relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and gastric ulcers. It regenerates the liver and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

An essential aid to weight loss

You have probably met more than once with the opinion that aloe vera is an important ally for weight loss. How is this possible? The action of aloe vera is to accelerate the metabolism and effectively improve digestive processes. The secret is that its effect begins in the intestines. Aloe stimulates the metabolic process and speeds up metabolism, thus helping us burn calories faster and more effectively. This is why aloe vera is one of the most commonly taken supplements in slimming diets.

Better immunity and excellent well-being

In addition to other important substances, aloe vera also contains polysaccharides. These compounds stimulate our immune system and make it work more effectively. Regularly taking them increases our immunity and significantly improves general well-being. Moreover, aloe vera also contains a lot of antioxidants, which help to fight free radicals. Thus, it contributes to slowing down the aging process.

Aloes is one of the plants that have medicinal properties. It has positive effects on the body due to the fact that it has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Its leaves are very fleshy and filled with substances that help maintain health. The first documented use of aloe vera for medicinal purposes was in ancient Egypt. The plant was carefully studied by the Egyptians and was used by them for dressing small, hard-to-heal wounds and burns. The properties of aloe vera juice also include immune support and sugar reduction, but it is also helpful in treating allergies and is very often used in skin cosmetics. Most often it can be found in gels, creams or ointments created on the basis of this plant. It is also used to treat various skin conditions such as wounds and ulcers.

Aloe Vera for beautiful skin and a radiant appearance

Aloe vera is especially appreciated in the cosmetics industry. It is used to produce creams, body gels, shampoos, lotions, lipsticks, soaps and toothpastes. Aloe is found in so many cosmetics because it has anti-itching and astringent properties. Moreover, due to its high water content it is an intensive moisturizing and skin rejuvenating agent. Regular use of cosmetics with aloe vera increases skin elasticity. Aloe vera supports our skin not only from the outside, but also internally. Its regular intake helps to supply the skin cells with oxygen, which increases the strength and regeneration of the skin.

You already know what is aloes, and where to buy it ?

In stores and pharmacies we can find a whole host of products containing aloe vera in their composition. When choosing a dietary supplement with aloe, we should first of all take into account its composition. The most important thing is that it is natural! Basically, you can choose between products that only contain aloe vera, or multi-ingredient products, which additionally support its effects. This type of supplement is DuoLife Aloes. It is a natural source of health and beauty. It is an excellent solution for people looking for a way to maintain a youthful appearance and vitality for as long as possible. With its cleansing properties provides a complete regeneration of the body.

DuoLife Aloe in its unique form contains over 200 active ingredients that support the body’s natural detoxification functions. With a high content of antioxidants not only strengthens the immune system, but also helps to provide oxygen to skin cells, which contributes to slower aging process and greater skin elasticity.

Running your own business is associated with freedom and a number of benefits. Especially in a situation when you are fed up with your supervisor and your co-workers are irritating. The decision to run your own business seems very attractive in this situation. The thoughts that come to mind are that you will finally be doing what you like and there will be more time for life outside of work. For many people the decision to start their own business is the right one. However, running your own business also involves overcoming difficulties on a daily basis. This can cause chronic stress, so before that happens it is worth reacting and learning how to deal with stressful situations.

Stress in business – how to deal with it?

Stress is responsible for many human dysfunctions. Among other things, it is responsible for such functional abnormalities as lack of sleep. The natural form of human activity is work. Depending on its goals, work can be a source of satisfaction as well as a source of emotional tension causing chronic stress.

Online nutrition supplements shopping is becoming more and more popular. That's why starting your own online store is a great business idea. Here are some examples of how you can run it in 2021, even without leaving home. You can sell anything on the Internet. However, this does not mean that the first better business idea has to mean huge profits. So does it all depend on luck? Not at all! The best business idea is a good mix of the ability to predict trends, accurately define the goals of the brand, as well as identify customer needs. And any good idea will help you sell your own online store. See how to turn a business idea into a private label and online store.

People laugh at me for trading nutrition supplements

It has not been known for a long time that the most profitable business… is your own business. However, many people equate their own business with additional costs. So they try to look for alternative ways to grow their business – while spending even more.