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Cosmeceuticals - what are they? This question is asked by many women, because cosmeceuticals intrigued everyone who follows the beauty trends. They are attributed to a stronger action than traditional cosmetics, better composition, more therapeutic character. Should we put aside our favorite creams and shampoos and replace them with cosmeceuticals? How do cosmeceuticals work and what is the difference between cosmeceuticals and dermocosmetics? You will find the answer here.



Dietary supplements are intended to supplement our normal diet with compounds that have a specific nutritional or physiological effect. They are a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and other substances that have a beneficial effect on our body. A fast lifestyle, stress and lack of a balanced diet can put us at risk of vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Additionally, various ailments may occur, which reduce the comfort of everyday life. It is then a good idea to reach for an appropriate dietary supplement, which will complement our diet with essential vitamins and minerals.




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Do you want to be an amateur or a professional? This business is done in two ways "your way" or "the right way" There was a moment in my life, after two years of being in network marketing, that I wanted to quit because of the lack of satisfactory results. Fortunately for me, I realised that since there are people who are making money here, it means that maybe I don't know how to do it. Once I understood this, I started looking for the right mentors to learn from them how to be successful in this business. Having gained the right knowledge I built an organisation of over 8,000 people in 6 years, and after being associated with SoftMarketing together with my business partner Dietmar we built an organisation of over 20,000 people in just 4 years. From this page you will learn how to start this business the right way and which tools to use to achieve satisfactory results in a relatively short time.



Have you wondered what now determines the engagement and effectiveness of employees working from home or hybrid? How much of an impact does pandemic stress have on their performance, and what impact does "stay at home" have on task and project completion?
Cleansing the body is primarily about getting rid of accumulated toxins from the body. The basis of the diet is fresh vegetables and still mineral water. Herbal infusions also work perfectly. Detox conducted in an appropriate manner restores energy, and improves the functioning of all systems in the human body. You should prepare yourself properly for the detox process. 3 days before starting the detox you should exclude alcohol, caffeine, white flour, milk, red meat, eggs, animal products. Preparation to detox alleviates the symptoms of detox and improves the entire process.



Interested in a healthy lifestyle but not sure where to get inspiration? The author of the blog fought with illnesses for a long time, finally she managed to develop healthy habits that helped her get back to health. On her blog she shares her methods for a slim figure and a happy life. You will learn how to use dietary supplements, nutricosmetics, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals. We will touch on topics of personal and financial development.




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Affiliate programs or affiliation is the true power of the Internet sales force. Thanks to them you can make money on any internet channel. It's quick and easy to use. So what is it all about, where to start and how to make money with affiliate programs?

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Keratin Shampoo will take you to another dimension of luxury and provide flawless smoothness to your hair. The shampoo's natural ingredient extract content boosts the inner strength of the hair, leaving it moisturized and obscenely shiny. Boosts moisture Boosts the inner strength of the hair Protects the color of color-treated hair UV filter PH 5 Sulfate-free, paraben-free 100% vegan Let this be an endless tale of pleasure for you. Let the power of refined extracts achieve a perfect synergy in the care of your hair. Let the concept of time cease to exist, and carefully selected oils will moisturize and nourish your hair so deeply that no one will recognize its age anymore. Let them become shiny and obscenely smooth. Deeply moisturizes Disciplines curls Protects color-treated hair PH 4 UV filter 100% vegan

DuoLife Keratin Shampoo

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AZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Cream 50ml - anti-wrinkle cream from the Anti-Aging line, designed for mature skin. It counteracts skin aging and helps improve facial contours. Its immediate and long-lasting lifting effect on the skin of the face and around the eyes, as well as the effect of smoothing wrinkles around the mouth, allow to improve elasticity and firmness of the skin. Already after about 30 minutes after application the skin becomes extremely smooth and elastic, full of youthful freshness, properly moisturized and illuminated. LAZIZAL box magic world of Anti-Aging Day & Night care LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Serum 10ml - cocktail product designed for mature skin, giving an immediate lifting effect. The serum from the Anti-Aging line restores vitality and freshness to the skin. Reduces dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles. Smoothes and brightens the complexion. The formula is rich in active anti-wrinkle ingredients. Already after only 30 seconds a lifting effect is visible, visibly tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The product also improves facial contours. Lifting effect lasts up to 8 hours after application. LAZIZAL box magic world of Anti-Aging care Action Against imperfections LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Capsules is a dietary supplement in the form of biphasic capsules containing natural ingredients of plant origin and natural vitamins. It contributes to maintaining optimal condition of mature skin, helping to preserve its youthful appearance. It supports the processes of collagen and elastin biosynthesis in the skin, maintaining proper elasticity and smoothness of the skin and reducing wrinkles and bags under the eyes. The action of one of the ingredients has been confirmed by clinical studies.

Best anti aging products – Lazizal

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movement nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals for Athletes and Movement Disorders

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Hormones affect virtually all physiological processes, acting as chemical signals that are responsible for transmitting information. The human body produces about 70 hormones demonstrating the ability to signal inflammation, reproduction, hunger, satiety, energy levels and almost every other function needed for survival. Chemicals called xenobiotics or xenoestrogens found in plastics, pesticides, food additives, and many common farm items can play a role in changing hormone levels. Some of these promote the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α). Hormones secreted by the thyroid (thyroxine, calcitonin, and triiodothyronine) affect beauty and well-being. Thyroxine is important for the skin because it affects skin nutrition by influencing the production of subcutaneous fat. Thyroxine regulates the sebaceous glands, leaving the skin taut, firm, plus giving a silky sheen to the hair. Calcitonin inhibits the escape of calcium from bones. Triiodothyronine speeds up metabolism, which helps maintain a slim figure. A malfunctioning thyroid gland causes insomnia, excessive sweating, and heart palpitations. Hypothyroidism is manifested by fatigue, hypersensitivity to cold, brittle hair. To prevent this, it is worth remembering about proper supplementation, which will support the work of the hormonal system.

Hormonal System Set

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What our breakfast looks like is often related to our lifestyle and the responsibilities we have. Many people skip eating breakfast because, for example, they don't have time or appetite at an early hour. However, skipping this meal is a big mistake. Why? It is breakfast that provides us with energy from the morning. In addition, it restores the appropriate level of sugar in the blood after a night's sleep. Discover Healthy Cereals

Healthy Cereals Hi5! beeCrunchy

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Increases psychomotor efficiency, facilitates memory, protects the body from toxins in food, air, among others. Stimulates metabolism of the whole organism, regulates sugar level, cholesterol level, blood pressure, helps with prostate problems and urinary tract inflammation. Rebuilds the immune system at the cellular level - Nobel Prize. Accelerates regeneration, contains anthocyanins and antioxidants. Has anti-allergic and anti-parasitic effects. Regulates the development of the nervous system and smoothes the complexion. It regulates the body's acid-base balance, stabilises the hormonal and circulatory systems.

Nutraceutical : Day and Night

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A keratin treatment involves applying the building protein, keratin, to the hair. Keratin gives the hair smoothness, elasticity and a healthy look, therefore the keratin treatment is intended for hair damaged by colouring, bleaching and drying through the use of thermal treatments.

Keratin hair treatment

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DuoLife Fiber Powder is a dietary supplement in sachet form (contains 20 sachets) that contains a complex of soluble dietary fiber from as many as 4 sources (as branded ingredients) and a proprietary, branded nucleotide formula from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The formula is composed from the highest quality natural ingredients and is a very rich source of dietary fiber. The pro-health effects of the ingredients contained in the dietary supplement have been documented by clinical studies. It supports optimal function of the gastrointestinal tract, immune system and nervous system. DuoLife Fiber Powder is a 100% natural formula based on a very high content of soluble, branded dietary fiber: NUTRIOSE®*, SUNFIBER®** and INAVEA™ BAOBAB ACACIA*** and a proprietary Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast formula - IMMUNEL™***, standardized to 60% nucleotide content, to support normal immune and digestive system functions. The product does not contain: gluten, added artificial flavors and fragrances, artificial fillers and is GMO-free. The product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Portions in sachets for direct addition to liquids or meals. The product can be used, for example, to thicken soups or sauces and baked goods. Soluble fiber: swells in the intestines under the influence of water and increases the density of the food content; extends intestinal transit time nourishes beneficial intestinal bacteria, stimulating the growth of microflora of the large intestine (prebiotic effect) increases the feeling of satiety, helping in the maintenance of normal body weight and promoting weight loss helps maintain normal blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, supporting vascular function and optimal blood pressure. Actions that promote optimal cardiovascular function are demonstrated mainly by the soluble fiber fraction; promotes the delay of glucose absorption in the small intestine and decreases insulin secretion, thus helping to normalize blood sugar levels loosens fecal masses, thus helping to prevent constipation; promotes absorption of minerals from the intestine; has a beneficial effect on the body's immune system.

Powdered fiber Duo Life

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Softmarketing - business from home- new opportunities for new times When talking about business, most of us usually think of large companies or corporations, where the primary value is the company's profit, and employees are commonly squeezed like a lemon. In such companies, a person is "pressed" in the workplace, is to quickly adapt to the general conditions and just do what he is told. And so, unfortunately, from payday to payday, because money is usually the only value here. Besides, many people openly admit that they do not like their work and go to it only to have money for current expenses such as bills, food, clothes, transportation and installments of loans. If you manage to save for a nice vacation, that's fine, but is that all that the modern job market offers us? Certainly not, and since we have come to live in a dynamically changing world and with the increasing awareness of society new needs appear, then beautiful ideas are born, and soon after them come new solutions. Softmarketing - what is it? One of these solutions is certainly Softmarketing, which is a business model that has not been on the market before! Softmarketing combines the best practices and solutions from classic business, corporate, franchise and multi-level marketing. Softmarketing was created in Poland several years ago and was based on three stable pillars: health, money and personal development. It is a modern answer to human needs, i.e. to live a healthy life in prosperity, while constantly developing one's abilities, expanding one's awareness and working on one's limitations in order to constantly grow. Softmarketing is also a confirmation of the rule that real business is a team game. If you don't understand this, you will still be a busy entrepreneur, or a full-time employee working for someone else's dreams. Softmarketing - what does it consist in? Softmarketing puts people at the center, which means it gives them an opportunity to develop, self-actualize, and set and achieve specific goals. I once heard such words, that a man in the center of attention is more than just a statistical pesel number, because it is someone who can take care of his well-being holistically. And this is true regardless of age, gender or experience on the job market, so open-minded people will always find value here. The strength of Softmarketing lies in its people, united by such universal values as trust, honesty and respect. People who want to change the world for the better and realize this plan by helping others to become more fulfilled and happy. Because Softmarketing is a model that offers many opportunities for life change, for improving health, relationships and finances. It focuses on building assets that generate passive income, so it gives you the opportunity to generate far more free time for yourself and your loved ones. It can be a source of main or additional income, with no limits on its amount. Softmarketing is a business that is created based on values, thanks to which relationships become unique and go far beyond the sphere of business, because this business is built by people with each other, not on each other! If you are interested in the topic of Softmarketing and want to learn more, I invite you here.


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