Softmarketing Affiliate Program was created by reflecting on 5 well-known ways to make money such as: online store, dropshipping, affiliate program, blog/ vlog and network marketing. Each of these forms has its pros and cons. They all bring some limitations, but also opportunities.

It often happens that we know that we want to work online, we like the vision of working from home and working on our own terms. However, we don’t know what we actually want to do.

As many as 73% of Internet users buy products online. That’s why many people are thinking about their own e-commerce business. To stand out from other brands, you need to work on the uniqueness of your e-commerce business. How to start? First of all, think about your assortment. 

online store

 There are many pros to running an online store, but there are also cons. You have to remember that selling online generally involves a small margin. To enjoy high revenues, you need to sell a lot of goods.

To operate legally, you must have your own business registered. Then buy a domain. Create your own online store. You can outsource the store, but that involves a lot of money. 

You need to take care of the selection of the assortment. For this purpose, you need to send a request for quotation to selected wholesalers. The more favorable offer you find, the greater the chance to offer an attractive rate for the product. Additionally, you should consider where to store the goods. If you are focused on large-scale sales, rent warehouse space. You can also bet on the increasingly popular dropshipping – then the shipping is handled by the supplier.

When setting up an online store, you need to set up a company. Purchase office equipment. Find a place to store your goods. Pay taxes. Organize logistics. Invest in advertising. Set up an online store. Manage social media.


In this age of massive automation and access to new technologies, it is relatively easy to attract suppliers and make valuable business connections. However, this does not mean that maintaining your own business is a simple task. Although the fees associated with renting or buying premises go away, other costs remain. What expenses you need to be prepared for when deciding on an e-commerce business. How do you start growing a business that generates revenue? Below is a summary of the most important costs: Running the company - the simplest form is a sole proprietorship. In this case, you can opt for preferential Social Security, which in 2021 is 647.59 (with sickness contribution). Setting up an online store - costs depend on the chosen variant. For platforms available under the General Public License, such as WordPress, you only pay for the domain and hosting. Many people choose systems where you pay a monthly subscription (usually it costs from a dozen to several dozen PLN). Definitely the most expensive solution is to order a "tailor-made" website. Prices are set individually. Storage - fees depend on the type of assortment. Some people are able to keep articles in their own apartment. Sometimes it is necessary to rent a storage room. The price depends on the size of the hall. Promotion - it is best to outsource this task to a specialized agency. Rates depend, among other things, on the type of action taken, the competitiveness of the industry, the type of goods sold. Amounts associated with the promotion are very different, depending on the purpose you want to achieve. Good promotion is also of great importance. So if you are thinking about how much you should invest and how to set up an online store, the costs associated with running an online business must include fees for a marketing agency. Without this, customers will have trouble finding your store online. Ideally, your domain should appear on the first page of search results. It is also worth betting on paid advertising, such as Google Ads or Google Shopping.

network marketing

Network marketing involves building a sales network for a specific product provided by the company. Income depends on turnover, sales results. The network builder takes care of brand building on his own, using materials provided by the company.

The advantage of MLM is the low cost of starting. At the beginning of earning we need to have only a small amount of money to buy a starter package and we do not need to own premises or set up a company.

Another advantage is flexible working hours. So we can work on any days and hours that suit our situation. MLM also means building a network of sellers. Thanks to effective building of such a network we can gain specific profits. Each person invited by us means additional profit. Working in this way, we do not have to have a specific education or meet high requirements. By spending enough time to earn in this way, we can get very high earnings, which are not limited and depend only on us and our commitment.

When working in MLM, we should have the right skills, such as easy networking and selling. The downside is that you have to buy products every month to make money. In addition, there is the pressure of leaders and the disproportionate ratio of earnings to the work you put in at the beginning.

MLM is the abbreviation for Multi Level Marketing. This type of business is based on a network of partners who recommend a company's products to others. In this respect it is very similar to affiliate marketing. The difference is that in multi-level marketing you can also recommend the company itself. In practice this means inviting your friends so that they too can recommend products. In this situation, the person who referred the new person to the company receives a percentage of the sales of its products. This is how you can create passive income. What is passive income? It is a situation where you can earn money every month without constant work. How does it work in practice? A person we will call Kasia recommends the company to his three friends, these three friends also recommend another three friends to join the company. In this situation, Kasia profits not only from the products she has sold, but also from the products sold by her friends, her friends' friends and everyone else in the chain. Advantages of MLM One of the advantages of this form of business is that there are no specific qualifications. You don't need a university degree or 10 years of experience. You only need desire and enthusiasm, as well as interpersonal skills. Another element worth noting is the low risk associated with little or no financial investment. You can start your own business today without incurring additional costs for premises, employees or other elements associated with running your own business. Disadvantages of MLM The biggest disadvantage that MLM brings with it is exorbitant expectations. Many people think that immediately after joining the program will start earning 10 000 PLN working only 1-2 hours a day. In this type of work, however, commitment and hard work counts. Especially the beginnings are not easy. Sometimes the first weeks may not bring any results. It is worth taking this into account before joining a multi-level marketing program.

affiliate program

Affiliate program is both a way to increase turnover in an online store, as well as a popular model of earning money online. It’s worth exploring this topic, because it can be a perfect complement to your sales strategy or a way to earn some extra money. After all, there is a reason why the phrase „win-win” is used in its context.

The idea is that you place an advertisement on the Internet and you get paid when a user performs an action defined by the advertiser.

To get paid, you don’t necessarily have to get the user to make an immediate purchase. So-called cookies are stored in the system. These record which link brought the user to the site. This way, even if the execution of the action is postponed, the credit will be given to the affiliate.

Properly executed affiliate activities make both the affiliate and the merchant happy with the results. The publisher’s goal is to earn as much as possible. First he or she will have to work hard, e.g. by creating the so-called „evergreen”, i.e. an article that is constantly up-to-date, thanks to which it will invariably enjoy popularity. However, good content will bring users to his site, who will generate leads, so the publisher will have a steady income with little effort.

There is also no shortage of criticism of the affiliate program model. Some publishers complain about product providers. The most common accusations are incorrect billing of sales to the detriment of affiliates. Underestimating the number of confirmed and sold products is a common reason for breaking off cooperation with suppliers. Some publishers may not receive commissions on sales at all if they come across a dishonest intermediary. A frequently raised argument to the detriment of an affiliate program is late payments from advertisers. This can take up to several months in various industries.

How does the Softmarketing Affiliate Program work?

Surely you have heard more than once about the possibility of making money online. The ways to profit from the web are many. For example, writing articles for hire (copywriting), banner advertising on your website, sponsored posts with product allocation, paid links or selling products. One method that has recently gained popularity is affiliation. Some people praise this system as bringing great financial benefits; the scheme itself as giving benefits to both parties. Others take a negative view of affiliate marketing. They claim that this form of earning has many significant drawbacks and the market in the world is becoming more and more competitive. There is a growing number of bloggers, websites and discussion forums that use this model of earning. I invite you to learn about the dark and light sides of earning in affiliate programs.

Softmarketing Affiliate Program combines all the benefits of network marketing and affiliate marketing while eliminating their weaknesses. You can build your own network of sales using an affiliate program or run a traditional affiliate program.

You can combine the advantages of both business models. You don’t have to start a business. You don’t even have to have an online store or website. 

An affiliate program, also known as an affiliate system, is based on recommending certain products. The person recommending the product (the publisher) receives a commission for each copy of the product or service sold. The provider of the product pays the referrer a commission for each unit sold. A publisher or affiliate is any person who is able to recommend products in the Internet.
Advantages of affiliates Referral within affiliation is an efficiency model. This system has advantages over advertising on billboards, TV spots, newspapers and the Internet. The payment is made for the effect achieved, which is usually a specific sale. Without wasting financial resources on other advertising purposes. Publishers with high traffic on their websites, blogs and forums can sell a large number of products. Especially if the category of goods offered matches the theme of the website. Disadvantages of affiliate systems There is also no shortage of negative criticism of the affiliate monetization model. Some publishers officially complain about product and service providers. The most common complaints are incorrect billing of sales to the detriment of affiliates. Underestimating the number of confirmed and sold products is a common reason for breaking off cooperation with suppliers. Some publishers may not receive commissions on sales at all if they come across a dishonest intermediary. A frequently raised argument against affiliates are late payments from advertisers. This can take up to several months in various industries.

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According to Forrester Research, in the U.S., affiliate marketing spending was expected to influence 14% of all e-commerce sales in 2016, which in total were expected to be worth $39 billion (organic traffic, in turn, was expected to influence 19% of all online sales). The advertising that an affiliate places online can take many forms, such as a banner or a link. The desired action can be a consumer buying a product, filling out a form and leaving contact information, or even taking a loan. The publisher earns a commission for the user action initiated from their site. The rate is calculated using various models: CPS, or cost-per-sale for each sale, CPC, or cost-per-click - payment per click, each time a user navigates to a landing page through a sponsored link, CPL, or cost-per-lead - cost per lead, for a correctly filled out form, CPA, or cost-per-action - payment for an action, e.g. watching a video. Hybrid models, in which we are paid for different actions (e.g. per click, and then additionally a percentage of sales), are also gaining popularity. Usually, you can pay out the earned money only from a certain level. This means that you have to earn a specific amount of money first to be able to receive money at all. To join as a publisher, you need to apply directly to the advertiser or find an affiliate network, which is a place that brings together companies interested in affiliate partnerships.

Affiliate links are the simplest and most popular tool in affiliate program. Affiliate links can be used in very many ways. They work great on any online space: blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook, LinkedIn and all other social media. The affiliate link can be published as an active link or can be attached to any text, graphic or logo. You can also send it in emails or through any communicators.

Commission in an affiliate program Commission is usually paid on a monthly basis, and both the amount and the way of calculating it should be precisely defined in the agreement.  The most common models of settlement are the following: cost per click - the advertiser pays the affiliate a commission for each click and the potential customer going to the website with the advertised product,   cost per lead - the advertiser pays the affiliate a commission based on the number of people who have expressed interest in the advertised product or service, for example, subscribe to a newsletter or fill out a contact form (if the potential customer does not make any activity, the advertiser does not pay the commission) cost per sale - the website owner receives a commission for each purchase made, mixed methods of settlement - usually based on a fixed monthly remuneration for the affiliate and bonuses paid in case of some activity on the part of the user. There is also a settlement based on displaying ads to users of the site - the affiliate receives a fee for each user of the site to whom the ad was displayed, but this is more a form of online advertising than billing in an affiliate program. Don't confuse these two concepts - an affiliate program is based on getting a website user to perform a specific action, a kind of response to placing a link on the website. Internet advertising, on the other hand, is only supposed to make the website user aware of the brand's existence or bring closer its offer.  



owners of thematic and opinion-forming websites, bloggers

social media users: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora

Product comparison and search engines, discount and cashback services

Webmasters, SEO specialists, remarketing services

Affiliation, or earning money through referrals, is growing in popularity year after year. Marketing affiliate programs are becoming an increasingly common way to raise money from activities conducted in the online space. It is an excellent model that brings mutual benefits for both the publisher - the affiliate and the advertiser. What exactly is affiliation? On what principle does it work? Who can benefit from affiliate programs? The word affiliate itself has two possible meanings. On the one hand it is a brokerage house that is not a member of an exchange, which is forced to use an intermediary to place its orders. On the other hand, the word affiliate is defined as a publisher who participates in an affiliate program. He builds affiliate networks by establishing financial relationships with advertisers.

You don’t have to have your own site to earn from affiliate links. And that’s the best thing about affiliates. You can monetize any online activity. It doesn’t matter if the internet is your job, hobby or just a necessity. Whether you have a multi-thousand-strong community and create content, or you’re just a recipient of content published on social media.

After registering an account, passing the verification and completing the data, you will get access to the publisher's panel, where you will find your unique link. If a purchase is made through your link, you will receive a commission. It will depend on the value of the shopping cart and the applicable rates. An affiliate program is an internet marketing technique that consists of an advertiser establishing cooperation with usually numerous partners - publishers. The affiliates participate in established marketing activities, in return for which they receive material benefits. Affiliate marketing is therefore a kind of employment model. Independent publishers, encouraged by commission-based remuneration, perform marketing activities for the benefit of the advertiser. This allows them to make money from their online activities. In return their affiliates benefit from advertising and sales.

Just like in a network business, you can build a network of people who act in the same way as you. In return you will receive a commission from their actions as well. On the other hand, in the traditional way you don’t have to make purchases, because purchases made from your affiliate link generate your personal turnover. 

Why should you choose our affiliate program?

When you register, you will be assigned an account manager who can actively support you at every stage of promoting Duo Life products.

We offer fair play partnership. We take care of our affiliates’ satisfaction by providing clear rules for charging commissions and promoting products.

You get access to innovative tools like the Virtual Presenter, which will diversify your activities by showing the user recommended products.

You don’t have to worry about preparing graphics and recordings needed to promote your products on your own. We will do it for you! We update the materials all year round and do not forget about special occasions such as Christmas.