We would like to show you how many people have coped and how many more can cope with these life-threatening diseases or ailments. 

Reading these personal stories, you may notice a certain consistency: allergies, rheumatoid (or other) arthritis, hormonal problems, thyroid problems, skin problems. This consistency is the recurrence of illnesses and ailments. We live in such times that it is hard for our bodies to fight back due to the lack of nutritional value in our daily food. 

In addition, there are many, many other conditions that we have not mentioned. 

Our initiative is to show the results of supplementing the body with vitamins and other nutrients that we lack. And these are the stories of ourselves, our club members, families, colleagues and friends. These are people who have trusted in the power of nature and nutraceuticals. Everyone will find here tips for themselves… or maybe inspiration? Maybe you too are affected by one of the many challenges of ailments of civilisation. Maybe you thought you had exhausted all possibilities for regenerating your body? 

At the bottom you will find an index of summaries, which will lead you to the relevant story you feel like reading. The page where you will find personal stories is and will be constantly updated with new stories from people who want to share them. We can work with you to spread the health initiative and preventative health care.

How to read personal stories ?

The value and effectiveness of the nutraceuticals described on this website are confirmed by the stories of people who have experienced health improvements they never even dreamed of.

On this page we will cover common diseases as well as the health goals we often strive to achieve ( such as increasing energy or improving performance, losing weight or preventing ageing ). You will learn about more than 100 diseases and stories. If you are suffering from a medical condition or are striving to achieve a goal – you will probably find guidance here.

I will start each topic with a short introduction. . I will present a brief description of the ailment in question. I am not going to present an extensive, full list of all potential problems or symptoms. 

Then I will tell the stories and give a closer look at the solutions and nutraceuticals used. You will also learn what changes to make to your lifestyle. What habits to implement in terms of nutrition and physical activity

How Plants Protect Us From Disease ?

Herbal medicine is the general name for therapies carried out with the help of various types of herbs. It is also considered to be a method that can be used on one's own in the privacy of one's own home, which, however, can be fatal - some herbs have strong effects which, if taken in excess, can cause undesirable effects and can endanger one's health. For this reason, taking any herbs should be consulted with your doctor and you should be well acquainted with the effects of particular plants as well as possible side effects.

Substances contained in plants are excellent natural remedies allowing for effective protection against many diseases, including cancer, avoiding them or significantly reducing the risk of developing cancer. 

Knowledge of the therapeutic properties of nutraceuticals and the possibility of their use in the treatment of various diseases is part of the mission of the Well Business Club. 

Interest in preparations of natural origin is enormous and constantly growing, which makes us very happy. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of unreliable information, and the treatments given are often based on false sources. We have decided to create a website that will enable those interested to use nutraceuticals effectively and, above all, safely. 

The information contained here is practical advice on the use of herbal mixtures and ready-made kits, including herbal supplements to help alleviate various diseases. Today’s medicine is mainly based on the use of synthetic drugs. The first synthetic drug was used more than 120 years ago and has only been used on a mass scale for 80 years. Herbs, on the other hand, have been used for centuries, passed down from generation to generation. According to WHO data, 80% of people use preparations derived from plants, both for therapy and as a preventive measure. The unquestionable power of plant preparations results from their rich chemical composition.