Nutraceuticals is a term created by combining two words: nutrition and pharmaceutical. It refers to substances which may be considered food or part of food, may help maintain the health and well-being of the body by optimising its functions, and may reduce the risk of, and/or prevent, lifestyle diseases. The term includes any biologically active substance that can enhance, impair, or modify the physiological and metabolic functions of the body, thereby having a beneficial effect on the body.


Among the many nutraceuticals, special attention should be paid to so-called non-essential food ingredients, i.e. those are classified neither as vitamins nor as minerals.

Healing power

Food is the basis of our existence and functioning, but food is not only able to nourish our body. It can also harm it by causing disease. It can also have a healing effect. Food of plant origin plays a special role because it can contain compounds essential for life and health.

The key to healthy lifestyle is a simple formula: H = N/C

Health = Nutrients/Calories

H = N/C is a concept We call the nutrient-density. Food supplies us with both nutrients and calories (energy). All calories come from only three elements: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.


 Nutrients are derived from noncaloric food factors — including vitamins, minerals, fibers, and phytochemicals. These noncaloric nutrients are vitally important for health. Your key to permanent weight loss is to eat predominantly those foods that have a high proportion of nutrients (noncaloric food factors) to calories (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins).

Plants are the oldest source of medicines. We have been using them for centuries. That was until the mid-19th century, when there was a shift toward using chemical medicines. Today we know that this was a mistake. We should not have radically abandoned medicines of plant origin. Fortunately, in recent years we have seen an increased interest in nutraceuticals, phytotherapy, nutritarianism and naturopathy.

 Nature's Power Nutraceuticals

There are many different plants around us designed to satisfy hunger, support the body and treat illness. They contain an enormous amount of active substances. Plants take essential compounds from the soil through their roots and from the air, water, carbon dioxide and inorganic minerals through their leaves. It will later be converted in the human body into hemoglobin. The basic biological process is photosynthesis. The first products of photosynthesis are primary metabolites (saccharides), from which simple organic acids, fatty acids, amino acids, and especially low-molecular compounds are formed first. From these, secondary metabolites are formed. Their main groups are:

phenolic compounds (flavonoids, phenolic acids), terpenoids (saponins, monoterpenes) nitrogenous compounds (alkaloids, amines, non-protein amino acids, glycosides and glucosinolates)

Secondary metabolites of plants are counted among the so-called non-nutritive substances, whose role is to protect the species from factors that threaten survival in adverse conditions. Such properties can therefore be used by us – humans as well.

Nowadays, we more and more willingly turn to natural medicine. This is largely due to growing disillusionment with synthetic drugs and the high cost of treating the effects of disease. Instead of focusing on the causes. From the point of view of eastern medicine, finding a substance that will cure the effects of a given disease are incomprehensible. Natural medicine treats a person holistically. As such, it is not only interested in a particular organ. It focuses on the whole organism. For this reason, in nutraceuticals you do not find one component, but a complex. Therefore, complex components of plant extracts act more widely and effectively than a single substance.

Nutraceuticals are an excellent prevention of lifestyle diseases, cancer, as well as a therapy for many diseases and infirmities. They not only play an important role in detoxifying the body of toxins, but also alleviate the side effects of drugs, purify from nicotine, preservatives. They facilitate the dissolution of fats allowing for better absorption of valuable nutrients, which leads to slim figure and regulation of sugar and cholesterol levels.


The Powerful Benefits of Nutraceuticals on your Overall Health

Nutraceuticals reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. They are also intended for athletes, the elderly and entrepreneurs.

Nutraceuticals are intended for a wide range of consumers, but with a strong focus on people who have an increased need for certain nutrients or who are at risk for certain diseases. It is important that they must have a positive physiological effect beyond a simple nutritional function.  Nutraceuticals have been used to: 

  • improve overall health
  • boost energy
  • relieve anxiety
  • improve mental clarity
  • enhance sleep quality and quantity
  • prevent chronic diseases
  • reduce drug cravings
  • delay the aging process
  • increase life expectancy
  • support and regulate bodily functions 

In addition to these health benefits, recent studies have shown promising results for the effectiveness of herbal nutraceuticals on disorders related to oxidative stress including allergies, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and obesity.

However, remember that nutraceuticals are not just for people at risk of various diseases and therefore nutritional deficiencies. These products are also recommended for healthy people who want to support their bodies and maintain good health and well-being for as long as possible.


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Nutrient Synergy

That is why naturopathy uses plants. The active substances exist not individually, but in whole complexes and mutually strengthen or weaken each other, regulate, complement and improve their action. They work in synergy. This is the advantage of plant medicines over chemical ones.

The ideal complex of ingredients can be found in many plants worldwide. It then acts more effectively than a single substance isolated from the plant. Such effective action is synergy. Scientific research and hundreds of thousands of cases of healing have shown that only the special combination of individual substances created by nature has an effective healing effect. In addition, the active substances are more effective and better absorbed by the body.

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