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Who We Are ?

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of the visitors to this website for the time they spend consulting the information on DUOLIFE products and the company.

Well Business and DuoLife's mission and Vision was born in Poland and its main focus is to help improve people's quality of life, both in health and finances.

We build our businesses by connecting, working and learning together. Because collaboration is key to creating a lasting impact.

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Why should you join Well Business & Duo Life Club?

Do you want to make money helping people live healthier lives without ever having to punch a clock? If you are thinking about working online, you are probably asking yourself: is the company good ?

It is important that the company has clear and transparent terms of cooperation, and the rules of operation are simple and understandable. 

In today’s world, there are important products and services that need to be promoted to people who have a demand for them. Therefore, today I will describe why it is worth joining the Well Business and Duo Life club.


When you choose to work with a Network Marketing company, the first thing you need to realise is whether you really want to do something, perhaps new in your life. Do you want to learn how to operate and work in Referral Marketing? Are you ready to commit your time in this business? The money will not come by itself without your commitment! If you think so, just become a DuoLife customer, because the products are really high quality.

Before you start working with a network marketing company, you probably wonder what your friends will say. You have to be prepared for the fact that for a certain period of time people who are trying to continue in the old system will despise you. They will not understand you. They will think that you have lost your mind by getting involved in the referral marketing industry. Don’t listen to them and do what is right for you and your family, because nobody is really going to pay the bills for you. If you want to make a difference in your life, you need to make a difference.

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Supplementation and nutraceuticals

If you are looking for a good company, you need to look at a company with prospects. The company must be attractive to customers and business partners. Everyone wants to be healthy, happy, look good, feel good and have energy every day. For this purpose, the right supplementation is necessary. DuoLife products are the ultimate in supplementation.

Thousands of hours of work by experts and specialists in various fields have resulted in the creation of unique products that are distinguished by the highest quality, effectiveness and specially created patented formulas.

Medical Formula products use formulas based on herbs in accordance with the philosophy of the world’s oldest medicine Ayurveda (which preaches prevention is better than cure). DuoLife are products for most of modern civilization challenges.
Companies do not fall when their products are needed, people will increasingly need these products.

DuoLife products thanks to their quality have been approved for sale in pharmacies, which in accordance with the habit of consumers increases the level of trust, they are also in herbal shops.

In DuoLife we have Scientific Council, these are people who sign off on a product only when the product meets expectations in terms of performance and safety. The company has its own production line (90% of direct sales companies do not produce, but outsource the production, so they do not control the production technology, source of ingredients and proportions).

The modern factory has all ISO, GMP, HACCP, TUV certificates. This guarantees high production safety. The quality, efficacy and safety of the products result in numerous awards and certifications, including Green Certification, Golden Otis Award, FDA Certification. All of this can positively affect your health if you choose to use it. 


DUOLIFE products exclude not only high temperature processing but also all preservatives. As a result, they retain their natural biological parameters. 

Only natural raw materials from certified organic cultivation from all over the world are used in the production of these products. All genetically modified varieties (GMO) and the use of pesticides and herbicides are absolutely excluded.



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Being a member of Club DuoLife is so much more than just shopping.
When we are club members we simply have a lower price every time we shop. But if you regularly take care of your health, you will receive a gift from DuoLife. It’s called Loyalty Bonus . DuoLife is always trying to reward us for our commitment and loyalty. Club member is not obliged to make regular purchases. After joining the Club, you can buy even one product and you always have Club prices.

We also have a medical consultant line where you, as a club member, can call and have a consultation about your case or the case of your family with a specialist doctor, about our products.

Earning with DuoLife through Softmarketing

Being a club member you have the right to earn money. The question is whether you want to. There are several ways to make money if you want to.

Here are a few ways:
✅ loyalty bonus
❎ margin between the club price and the retail price
✅ first order bonus
❎ passive structure income
✅ compensatory bonuses,
❎ profit-sharing bonuses, additional accounts 

Now I would like to tell you what referral marketing is and what made me (a commercial real estate agent) interested in this money making system.

Perhaps you, too, will find after reading this text that you would like to change something in your life…. not work 10-12 hours a day…. have more time for yourself, your family and friends…. develop a passive income, which will make you earn money even if you are on holiday and do not physically earn it, it will work for itself, thanks to scaling.

If you want to:

👉🏻 increase your financial independence,
👉🏼 earn more,
👉🏽 work when you want
👉🏾 work with the people you like,
👉🏿 help others,

…. and all this without large investments, without binding contracts, without having to sell anything, without risk, without having to store any goods, without financial and time investments, without having to give up your job (although you can earn an income that allows you to give it up), without any required qualifications

… then this topic is just for you.


Have you ever recommended a book to someone and they read it? Has someone used a certain restaurant, for example, because you recommended it to them? I am sure you have done this many times before, and completely unselfishly. In doing so, did you realise that you were thereby promoting the service or product?

It is natural to tell friends about what we are happy with. Verbal communication is an effective method of promotion because it takes place in an atmosphere of trust which accompanies friendship. It is trust that is the foundation of softmarketing as a method of distribution.

And now about the core, that is, referral marketing. The principle of this type of distribution is different – the products go directly from the producer to the consumer. The lack of agents between the producer and the consumer means that the „seller” does not have to store the goods. But soon…. You are not selling anything here…. Here you are recommending. After seeing a good movie or discovering a good restaurant, do you send your friends invitations to go out, or do you simply tell them about the movie or restaurant? This is how recommendation marketing works.You recommend products you are satisfied with and only to people you know and trust, thus building good relationships with people you like.


You don’t have to solicit strangers and push a product on them (which may be good, but who will risk buying from a stranger? Leaving aside how much salesmanship and rhetorical skills this salesman must have, who is exposed to 99% rejection anyway). In this business we help to build a business based on networking, the basis of which is business. You RECOMMEND a product that you are the consumer of, and your friend tries it on your recommendation. But he buys it not from you, but directly from the manufacturer. The money that the manufacturer saves thanks to this goes to your account. You do not need to have skills and experience in selling, because you DO NOT SELL. Simple?

So imagine that the shop where you regularly shop , suddenly started to pay you regular bonuses for each product that you recommended further (e.g. shampoo) – for example to a friend, brother, sister, colleague. And if someone on your recommendation finds this product great and recommends it to their friends, both they and you will get another bonus. You do not need to make time-consuming demonstrations of this product (like the Thermomix seller), you do not need to know the composition of this shampoo or the technological process – just use it and say: wow, but nice shampoo. and recommend it to your friends (e.g. at work, at a birthday party at your neighbours, etc.). You don’t have to buy this shampoo in bulk (i.e. you don’t make an investment) and you don’t have to stock up on this product at home. And you take no risk by recommending it further. Nothing will happen to you if you do not recommend it (because you do not sign any contract obliging you to e.g. monthly „transactions”).

How is this possible?

The manufacturer relies only on word-of-mouth recommendations from its customers. He does not invest his money in expensive advertisements, promotions, rental of halls, warehouses, transport, he does not have to pay sales representatives and finance their cars…. The manufacturer invests this money in the consumer (YOU).

Every time people in the community you started order their products, you will receive money from the discount structure. So you can enjoy life, take care of your health, promote health and earn. Softmarketing is a flexible career path in which you can grow.

Once you earn money, in many companies there is a problem with the payment of this money. DuoLife solved this problem perfectly, we work with Sodexo. First earned money can be used to buy products with 90% discount. You don’t have to have business activity. Withdrawals for natural persons are made in a legal manner by means of Sodexo Visa card (only 13% tax). You can spend the money on shopping or withdraw it from an ATM.


Tools and support offered by DuoLife

Everyone today has some health and some finances, to have better health and better finances you need to take care of your development. The company has prepared a whole system of tools for effective operation. It is the tools that make the company grow faster than other companies.

If you are already going to engage in cooperation with DuoLife, you should become a professional. You should realize that it is necessary to acquire certain skills. However, before we get to those skills, I would like to give you some good news. Unlike other professions, network marketing does not require a lot of money to get the right education. You don’t have to take out loans to learn, and in addition, by learning, you can earn money.

The skills needed to develop a large community are easy to learn, plus you will have a surprising number of people around you who are financially motivated to help you. DuoLife provides opportunities for personal development. You can educate yourself at your free time.

The company has prepared a whole system of tools for effective action.

Your own website and affiliate links reaches a much larger audience.

Your landing page is a specific type of website designed to attract the attention of visitors and present the most important information. Its main purpose is to encourage people to take action.

Virtual Presenter is a system that will be a business breakthrough for DuoLife Club members. It is an absolute novelty that brings great benefits, which will result in measurable effects, not only in terms of business, but also personal development and health.

BDS Business Development Seminars business/health/personal development online events – building product and business culture. You will gain invaluable knowledge that you can use in almost every area of your life.

DuoLife is a strong brand on the Polish market – both in terms of dietary supplements and business opportunities. What I particularly like is the great background when it comes to running an online business.

Perhaps you will soon join our community as a club member and take advantage of opportunities that will allow you to achieve success in terms of health, personal development and finances. To get started, you need to start with yourself. Build your belief in the products and show the project to three knowledgeable people and that’s it.

If you have dreams and want to make them come true this is the place for you. Join a community open to development for better health, better finances and a happier life! If you have any questions write to me.